The morning comes, and I know there is a long day ahead of me. School is the first duty I attend to which helps to develop my brain and to prepare me for the future. The other activity that I attend to daily, which allows me a break from the mental strains of school and learning, is that of personal self improvement through physical toils of weight lifting and exercise. One develops one's brain through school and study, but the brain is just one organ in the body. The gym and the resources it offers allow me to develop a stronger, healthier, and all-around better body which, in turn, helps me to get more satisfaction out of life.

I look forward to my daily trip to the gym. I have disciplined myself to follow a weekly routine of muscle group weight training and cardiovascular exercise. I dedicate myself to this daily activity and rarely miss a workout day. The direct result I gain from this activity is that of bigger, stronger muscles and a healthier body, which is a great benefit for the physical and social world in which I inhabit.

People often judge others on physical appearance as the preliminary factor of assessment; my activities give me an edge in such social judgments situations. Ever since I started working-out, I have felt better while going about my daily activities: I do not get winded while walking, I'm able to lift objects with greater ease, and I sleep better at night. Yet, I find that the indirect results of my commitment to form a better body are often more important than the direct results. After I leave the gym for the day, I have in my thought process, a sense of self accomplishment. I feel better because my body is functioning closer to its optimum levels. This allows my brain to feel better from its outside stimulus, namely, the body.

My overall mental state improves because of my daily activity: I set goals for myself and see the results, thus providing positive stimulation for my brain. Improved self esteem comes as a result of my activities at the gym and diffuses itself into my everyday life. The improvement in self esteem becomes an indirect result that is of much greater importance than the direct results. For instance, before I started working out I would rarely start conversations with anyone, but now, because of this activity, I readily initiate conversations with new people.

My ability to socially interact, my thought process, my ability to function better in school, my learning ability, and my will to try have all been improved because of my choice to work-out at the gym. The experience of meeting people while at the gym is of great personal benefit to me. The social bonds and learning opportunities are unique and valuable. Different people demonstrate new and unique exercises that add to my knowledge of physical training. I must also use my life experiences and judgment to assess what is of benefit to me and what could possibly do more harm than good. Such thinking skills are carried over to the macro world of life and help my judgment and thought processes.

New personal friends are gained and previous friendships are strengthened by my activities of lifting weights. Some close friends that I knew before joining the gym joined soon after I did, providing more opportunities to converse and interact daily. Casual friendships were molded into closer friendships because of shared interests and a shared experience. My outlook of life is improved because of the presence of other people dedicated to the same sport as I. Seeing other people struggling against the same difficulties gives me confidence and helps me to execute my daily activities with more vigor. My experience in this small building that I attend on a daily basis accelerates my life forward creating a better inner world for myself; my body is strengthened, and in turn strengthens my brain and its functions.

A better self is structured every consecutive day because of my dedication to body building.