1. (b) 'Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.' Many Christians have strong views on the topic of abortion. Many of these will feel strongly about the issue whether they are pro abortion or against abortion. In discussions about abortion, Christians against abortion may clearly show their views about abortion. They may use the bible reference 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations' (Jeremiah 1: 5). They may use this passage to show others the Christian belief in abortion.

Those pro abortion may also make their views widely own and support it saying that God gave everyone free will to live their lives. They may join an organisation which campaigns for their belief. A Christian with a strong opinion against abortion may dedicate their time for an organisation such as 'Life' or 'Spuc' to help make the issue of abortion publicised. A Christians in favour may join a campaign such as 'Pro- choice' to encourage people to see the turmoil involved in abortion for the woman. Their view may affect the way they vote in an election. An opposing Christian may vote for somebody with a strong view against abortion also to help change the law to make abortion illegal.

Similarly, A Christian campaigning for choice may vote for somebody trying to make abortion more readily available. Christians in support of abortion may join a counselling group such as 'Open Door' which offers counselling to women who have had an abortion. Christians who not back abortion may volunteer in local schools educating children on safer sex and the reality of abortion to ensure fewer pregnancies originally occur. They make donations to charities that offer this advice. Christians with a no clear view on abortion may pray to God asking for help in the direction they should follow pro or against abortion. Those opposing abortion may pray to God to save the fetuses.

Those enforcing choice may pray to God that people will understand and not condemn women who have an abortion. Christians believing in the importance of choice in abortion may organise protests to make the issue and reality of the hardship of abortion on the women more widely known. They may organise demonstrations and carry signs displaying their views. Those opposing abortion may also hold protests to persuade people considering abortions to think about before participating in a termination. They may send letters and brochures out to organisations and the government to expose the reality of abortion. Some Christians campaigning for abortion may donate money to organisations and clinics offering abortion advice.

Many Christians opposing abortion may offer advice for women considering abortion. They may help women cope with a baby when it is born and offer financial and emotional support. Christians could work as foster parents or offer to babysit to help Mother's who have recently has a baby cope. Christians may also offer guidance to those considering adoption and show the benefits of saving the baby's life.

Whether for or against abortion, Christians help promote their view following the Christian perspectives on love and forgiveness.