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Humanity is plagued with many moral issues each day. With recent announcement that a research facility in England had successfully cloned a sheep, many more questions arose. The overall question is, "To clone or not to clone?" Many groups worldwide, doctors, politicians, religious people, have been battling with this question. Many doctors believe cloning is an advancement to help save more people's lives. Although specific organs or rare blood types have yet to be cloned and actually made available to the general medical community. Think about it: if someone desperately needed a liver transplant because they drank too much alcohol, with the aid of cloning technology, doctors would be able to clone that person's liver cells and produce a healthy, genetically matched liver, thus saving that patient's life.

Cloning could revolutionize the medical industry! While many doctors are on the up-side of cloning, many politicians are on middle ground. Many see the medical need, but are reluctant. Most politicians want something for themselves for their endorsement either way on an important issue. Since cloning is not yet ready to be made accessible, by any means, to the general public, it is not yet a major issue to politicians. Since politicians make the laws worldwide, we will have to wait and see whether cloning is legal all out, only parts and specific uses legal, or all illegal. Most religious people are on the down-side of cloning.

Many say that cloning is messing with the natural order of things. That it's playing God (which ever one you believe in). Many say that cloning will take away the natural part of life and death. If a young child is killed in a car accident, a grief stricken mother could have him cloned. By doing this, she did not let herself rightly heal. She created a totally different human being from her lost son (in the sense that inevitably he will have a different personality.

). Many, religious or not, say that cloned humans may be looked down upon as inferior. That clones will be enslaved, or harvested for organs organ transplants. Both are cruel and very viable arguments. Would you want to be enslaved and have your organs taken just because you were cloned and not born naturally? The politicians, doctors, and religious groups should get off their high horses and talk with one another.

Communication is the key to this deadlock. Doctors could explain what they need, the religious groups could tell what they object to, and the politicians could make laws regulating how things will work. (The politicians could also set up a branch of law enforcement to catch and punish those not adhering to the legal cloning code. ) To clone or not to clone? Many say go for it. Many say it's not right; that playing God is best left to God. Cloning may or may not be a good thing..

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