Question: Bob Maynard has said that "Problems are opportunities in disguise." Write an essay describing a time in your life when a problem became an opportunity. How did you transform the situation? Explain what you did to turn the problem into an opportunity and how others can benefit from your experience. Life is full of problems, but how we approach those problems often determines whether we " re happy or miserable. Bob Maynard says, "Problems are opportunities in disguise." If we approach problems with Maynard's attitude, we see that problems are really opportunities to learn about others and ourselves. They enable us to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Maynard's quote applies to all kinds of problems.

I faced a problem just last week when our family's kitchen sink developed a serious leak. There was water all over our kitchen floor and piles of dishes to be washed. But our landlord was out of town for the week. I come from a big family-I have six brothers and sisters-so we couldn't afford to wait until he got back, and my mom couldn't afford a couple hundred dollars to pay for a plumber on her own.

So I took the opportunity to learn how to fix it myself. I went to the library and found a great fix-it-yourself book. In just a few hours, I figured out what was causing the leak and how to stop it. If it weren't for that problem, I probably would have relied on plumbers and landlords all my life. Now I know I can handle leaky pipes by myself. I think it's important to remember that no matter how big a problem is; it's still an opportunity.

Whatever kind of situation we face, problems give us the chance to learn and grow, both physically and mentally. For example, when I had a problem with my car and couldn't the repairs right away, my problem become an opportunity to get some exercise-something I'd been waiting to do anyway. I had to walk a mile each day to get to the bus stop and back. But in the meantime, I got the chance to start getting back in shape, and I saved a lot on gas. I've come to realize that problems are really part of what makes life worth living. Problems challenge us and give us the opportunity to do things we " ve never done before, to learn things we never knew before.

They give us the chance to surprise ourselves. Just the word "problem" can send some of us into a panic. But problems can be good things, too. Problems are situations that make us think and force us to be creative and resourceful. They can also teach us things we didn't know before.

For example, I had a problem in school a few years ago when I couldn't understand my math class. I started failing my quizzes and homework assignments. I wasn't sure what to so, so finally I went to the teacher and asked for help. She said she would arrange for me to be tutored by another student who was her best student. In return, though, I'd have to help that student around school. I wasn't sure what she meant by that until I met my tutor.

She was handicapped. My job was to help her carry her books from class to class. I'd never even spoken to someone in a wheelchair before and I was a little scared. But she turned out to be the nicest person I've ever spent time with. She helped me understand everything I need to know for math class and she taught me a lot about what it's like to be handicapped.

I learned to appreciate everything that I have, and I also know that people with disabilities are special not because of what they can't do, but because of who they are. So you see that wonderful things can come out of problems. You just have to ember to look for the positive things and not focus on the negative.