There are plenty of reasons why to withhold the information from the public, but the challenge of a progressive authority should whenever possible to act with a transparency and honesty. The main reason to withhold information is the fear from criticism and attack. While a vague political statement might leaves everybody satisfied a lucid plan would always cause disagreement and debate. Another reason could be to cover mistakes and corruption: he who does not know does not bother. And finally there is the fear from commitment, if you are a local chief and you show a plan to reduce the crime rate in 30% within a year. If you wont follow the plan you would lose your credibility.

Although all the above is true a modern authority shared the information with the public. A progressive society would not be satisfied with vague information on one hand and would demand debating and take part in the decision process. To create a confident relation with the public a honesty is required. The dialogue between the authority and the public through the media would finally create better decision that would be accept with greater alacrity than a decision taking without debate.

The challenge is to create a system that support sharing information to their advantage. Finally I would like to add that the challenge is also for the media and the legal system. The media should disclose the array of ideas in an objective manner and avoid from being a stage for demagogy. The legal system should be efficient to avoid long delay in the execution process.

Is the public ready? Are the media and the legal system ready? I believe that at the end they would. --.