REFUGE vs. ENERGY In the grand scheme of modern life, six months of gasoline to fuel the voracious appetites of our vehicles, is a drop in the bucket. We should not drill in the Alaskan Natural Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) as drilling will have no significant impact on the American economy, or its dependence on foreign oil. To take our children's' heritage away for the bottom line of a few corporations, is disgusting and simply wrong. On March 19 th, the U. S.

Senate, by narrow agreement, voted to open up drilling in the Alaska Natural Wildlife Reserve ("Senate rejects oil drilling in Alaska"). This is the second attempt by the White house to open up drilling in the ANWR; a direct resolution in the Senate was beaten via filibuster last year ("Senate rejects oil drilling in Alaska"). Despite two failed attempts, the White house will continue to pursue the issue. On March 30 th, Gale Norton, Interior Secretary, announced: "We continue to press about ANWR" (qty. in "Bush still pushing oil plan"). Proponents for drilling claim that the oil can be extracted safely without damaging the environment.

This is simply not true. We the people must keep vigilant to ensure ANWR stays secure. Proponents state America needs this oil to reduce dependency on foreign oil. Weighing the small amount of oil to be had against the damage to ANWR, this argument is ridiculous. The government states that ANWR drilling is a significant source of oil, well worth endangering the environment. Proponents believe there is 5.

7 to 16 billion barrels of oil in the preserve. They state that only 8% of the ANWR will be developed. This will mean a large economic impact for Alaska, and possibly a 50 billion dollar impact for the American economy as a whole (Anderson). The facts are that ANWR holds less than a six month supply of oil for the U. S. , and it will take over 50 years to extract.

America uses 19 million barrels of oil per day, almost 7 billion barrels a year. Over a 20-30 year period, ANWR would supply approximately 6 months of oil. The stated 1. 5 million acres (8%) required to develop the oil will, in truth, not be contiguous, but scattered throughout the whole ANWR coastal area (ANWR). The ANWR is located in Alaska, but belongs to all Americans. Fifty billion dollars over 20 years is a 250 million impact on the American economy.

This is not even 1% of the GDP. Twice the government has tried to open up Alaska drilling. It is the corner stone of the Bush administration energy plan. Gale Norton has confirmed that the administration will try other methods to achieve this goal, and both Texas senators voted to open up drilling in the ANWR ("How Texans voted"). Use the power of the vote to stop this atrocity.

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