For an amazing experience, and a inspiring venture, the Speed Art Museum is the place for you. The Speed Art Museum combines modern art styles such as cubism, and also includes classical art such as Baroque styles and Renaissance styles, the Speed Art Museum has something for about anyone. The museum displays art works by Monet, Picasso& Degas. The museum has a wide selection of art.

The Speed Art Museum does a very good job in how it shows off these artist work. Something very convenient were the older women who volunteer to help you explore the museum. I received a map of the areas and I wondered around for what seemed like hours. The first room that I came upon had several types of modern art in it. It contained a lot of different styles of art in it. My favorite gallery is one that had some Picasso art in it.

I have always been mesmerized by this man's art. His art I've seen it books, or online has always put thoughts into my head of what was this guy thinking. After I got the chance to look at his art closer I got a feeling of what he was thinking. Standing in front of something that confuses so many, yet brings so many joy.

When I entered the building I realized that the Speed Art Museum contains not only paintings but also statues, sculptures and artifacts. When I came into the Greek and Roman art gallery, it felt like I was inside a igloo. The walls were painted a gleaming white and my eyes squinched after getting out of the orange hallway I just came from. The gallery included very old sarcophagus es and other artifacts. I really enjoyed the Greek and Roman pottery the museum had on site.

Just when I thought the Speed Art Museum couldn't get any diverse I walked into a room containing Asian and African art pieces that I found were interesting. The two rooms had paintings, and sculptures. I've always enjoyed the Oriental art I have seen in the past and the designs and other art forms I saw were very enjoyable. In the African gallery, I came to respect what I discovered was a very strong culture. The African heritage is really shown off in the room and opened up a new style of art. The Speed Art Museum was something in Louisville that I had been missing out on.

I'm really glad that the greatest city in the world (Louisville, KY) contains the breathtaking artwork of artist like Pablo Picasso to Edgar Degas. When I went to the Speed Art Museum I went alone. What a mistake, allowing my friends, family and anyone else who may or may not appreciate art is missing out on something that OUR city has to offer. With all the information included in this article im sure you already planning your next visit. My article is over, now start planning your next visit to one of Louisville's greatest places!