I think that Bush's speech was a very good one Like a swift wind do we fly through childhood, and once the journey is over, one can take pleasure in knowing they have finally entered into adulthood. This passage through maturity leaves someone with a mindset and attitude that has been developed through influence. Most influence comes from parents, some from peers, some from the mass media, and lastly, from the environment one grew up in. There are three main environments in found in the U. S. , urban, suburban, and rural.

Which of these encourage the growth of a happy, mature kid? In my opinion, the answer is urban. In the following essay I will describe the three qualities of an urban childhood, diversity, access, and quick maturity. In an urban area, kids are thrown into a tossed salad of other races and religions, and cultures. Children who interact with people different then themselves are far less likely to develop a prejudice for a certain ethnic group. Youth in suburbia however, are sadly not as diverse, encouraging stereotypes and racist jokes to be circulated through the student body. One of the more widely appreciated qualities of urban life is having access to so many different shops and activities within a short distance.

An urban teenager could walk to a street mall in the morning, eat lunch at a diner at noon, and watch a baseball game at night, all within the city he or she calls home! One square block in an urban area contains the same amount of commercial sprawl as a square mile in suburbia! Sullivan Cox 769775 Grade 9 Dakota Ridge Long Prompt A My last reason for recommending an urban childhood is the fact that urban youngsters grow up faster than they would in any other environment. Drugs and crime are most prominent in urban areas, so teenagers can see firsthand how substance abuse and bad judgement can destroy a person's life. Lessons in life are quickest learned in the city. Urban upbringing has produced American heroes such as former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, and baseball great Jackie Robinson. While every environment in our great nation has its own qualities, the immense world of urban life can truly leave a mark on those growing up inside. Being someone who grew up in suburbia, I can attest to the tranquil childhood I experienced; yet I frequently wonder what would be different about me if I grew up in a metropolis such as Chicago or Los Angeles.

Remember that the youth of today will become the leaders of tomorrow, the qualities and evils picked up along the path of childhood can never be dropped. When choosing where to raise a family, choose wisely, urban life may be the way to go.