In February 1994 the worse nightmare of American president Bill Clinton and whole his cabinet began. Paula C. Jones, a clerical worker of Arkansas appeared and accused B. Clinton from sexual harassment. President became to be a subject of a civil lawsuit. Trying to show Clinton's indulgence in women investigation uncovered Clinton's sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky.

B. Clinton denied such affair in front of the public and also in front of the court while being under the oath. Later on, he admitted that he lied, by which he committed a crime called perjury. Thanks to media, whole world knew the details of the case, which harmed the image of president and his cabinet as far as whole country. Finally the lawsuit of Paula Jones' case was dismissed, but the case connected to Lewinsky continued and it led to president's impeachment (Hystory Place, 2003).

Impeachment is "a criminal proceeding instituted against a public official by legislative body" and it can end with removal of the official from the office (Impeachment, 1992). Fortunately for B. Clinton the judge did not decide about his removal from White House (Hystory Place, 2003). In spite of the fact that this case didn't ended with Clinton's removal form White House it harmed his image, image of his cabinet as far as image of whole country. After the case, the public trust in Clinton rapidly decreased. Even if the case was very personal it was analyzed into smallest details in public.

People should know about Clinton's crime, perjury, but knowing such details about the encounter is useless for the case. Extramarital sexual affair is not a crime and it is very personal, therefore there is no need for public to know about it. Releasing such information put Clinton into very inconvertible situation, in which it is very hard to concentrate on his duties as president. It also turned public opinion against him much more than, would perjury do (History Place, 2003). References History Place. (2003).

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