A proposal to decide upon a lower legal drinking age. Summary: The following proposal outlines why the legal drinking age should be lowered from 21 years of age to 18. The proposal will show the purpose of lowering the age, since at the age of 18 people can be tried in courts as adults, be drafted, buy tobacco products or even buy fire arms. Since 18 is the age of most freshman students in college, why should you have to wait three more years to drink legally? Need: Lowering the legal drinking age from 21 years of age to 18 will prevent many arrests by police towards college students. Underage drinking occurs frequently in college and the students who are under the legal age are often harassed by police. By lowering the drinking age it will permit those who are underage from finding legal buyers to buy for them so that they are able to socialize with older friends.

Lowering the legal drinking age will help discontinue a lot of unneeded problems between police and students. Eighteen year olds are often considered adults because this is the legal age to purchase tobacco and cigarette items, and participate in other activities done as being seen as an adult, such as voting, purchasing fire arms, being drafted, and being tried as an adult in court also. When young adults turn 18 they are allowed to purchase tobacco products. Entering college students are often introduced to these products as well as alcohol. The tobacco products are often associated with the drinking of alcohol. Young adults should be allowed to purchase alcohol items as well due to the fact that both are choices that are made by the purchaser.

If students or young adults are considered adults at this age, than they should have the choice of whether to consume alcohol or not. Eighteen year olds should be able to be trusted at this age to purchase the alcohol on the basis that they are able to buy tobacco products. They should be held accountable for their own actions and choices in life. Tobacco and cigarette problems lead to a lot of problems with police as well as alcohol, but both are usually consumed together. Solution: The current legal drinking age does not prevent college students from being introduced to alcohol or even consuming alcohol. It only prevents those under the age of 21 from purchasing alcohol.

Many students begin to drink socially when they enter college, and often associate with drinking mainly on the weekends. By disallowing those under the age of eighteen from purchasing alcohol, they find other people of legal age to purchase it for them. It does not prevent them from drinking in any other sense than that. Also with technology these days students often purchase fake ids from fellow students who have the ability and machines to create identically looking licenses as the ones today.

Many students have turned to this to become of legal age to purchase alcohol themselves. Since many students choose to begin to drink socially when they enter college, the legal age should be lowered to provide them with the choice that they choose to make while attending college. With underage drinking, students often have to worry about getting caught by police. Although many get away with it, there are many arrests each year by police to college students who are under the legal drinking age.

By lowering the legal age to consume alcohol, it will prevent many arrests and time lost by police officers. Most people know about students in college being introduced to alcohol when they begin to attend. So if the students are being introduced to it, they should be able to purchase it when they enter the college life. Students are reliable enough to choose their education after high school and should be able to make their own choices on other matters. By allowing students to make their own choices in college they will be able to become better adults and citizens when they graduate or finish furthering their education.

It is not seen as wrong for adults to consume alcohol, but people who are under the age of 21 are seen as committing a great offense. The legal drinking age before was 18, a lot of countries are still like that or even lower, and should be returned back to that because it is a choice to be made by those who want to consume the alcohol. Eighteen seems like a reasonable age because this is when most students are entering college and by entering college should be seen as being adults. Alcohol is a choice that is all made up by those who choose to drink it.

When students enter college they see what life is like with alcohol and make their choice based on what they decide to choose. Eighteen should be the legal drinking age because this is the age that kids grow up and make decisions for themselves. By allowing those who choose to drink the legal age to be 18 than they are in control of the amount and choice they make. Regardless, the young adults will find a way to obtain the alcohol, but fewer problems will be caused between police and students if it is lowered..