Gun control in American Nowadays, people have more freedom than ever. However, not everybody has the right to own a gun except those people who are in America. In America today there are between 250 and 30000 million firearms in private hands, amounting to one weapon for every American. (Spitzer, J. R. ) Are American people safer than others? Do more guns mean less crime? Many people doubt it for American has higher crime rates and frequently school shooting events.

Every year there are approximately 30, 000 Americans who die from gun violence, and everyday there are 9 young Americans (under 24) who die from gun violence. (Organization for keep gun violence, website. 11 June 2003) American has a severe gun violence problem. Two shock-shooting events happened in the U. S. which caused social panic, proved this survey: the Sniper shooting in Washington in October 2002 and Columbine high school shooting events in Littleton, Colorado, in April 1999.

In the sniper shooting event, 11 people died during two offenders! 21 days horrible sneak attack. They left a blood-soaked trail as they wandered from Washington state to Alabama to metropolitan Washington, D. C. The most terrible thing is they shot people of all ages, genders and races. The panic they caused almost stopped the resident! s normal life.

Confirming in Americans! mind that these targets are simply ordinary everyday and! ^0 No one is safe!" that the word he left at the locale, death can find Americans anywhere at any time. The Columbine tragic event happened on April 20, 1999 and 14 teenagers (including the gun-men) and 1 teacher were killed. This event left serious psychological, economic, and social consequences on children, families and communities. Investigators said sawed-off shotguns, a semi-automatic rifle, a pistol and more than 30 homemade bombs were involved in the carnage. People get puzzled: How can they get all those weapons? The investor said teens had a number of ways to get guns. Sometimes adults sell them to children and some children steal their parents! guns.

According to a survey, almost 90% of guns used in crime had changed owner at least once. In contrast with automobiles, which must be registered to their owners, guns can be sold in anywhere without any oversee. One wants to sell an old gun, one can put ads in a newspaper, or post ads on one! s website or even can sell it on the street. These happen in real life every day, and they help explain how guns fall into the wrong hands. (Augie Cannon and Besty Streisand, May 3 1999) How to solve the American! s gun violence problem? How to prevent gun fall into wrong hands? . Nowadays getting rid of guns is impossible, so the answer is let gun control really work.

The laws must be enforcing applied, which means strict on all actions, starting with manufacturing and ending with licenses to carry. Strict control on gun registration, purchase, license, and license to carry. Ensure a waiting period between applying and actually purchasing a gun, in order to do a background check on the buyer. Criminals won! t obey the law and have easy access to guns, so the only way to stop them is by restricting easy access of guns for everyone. These might prevent many shootings but need! ^0 People! +/- are all involved: manufacturers, dealer, buyers, and most importantly, users.

(Sienko Michael). Gun resale "no questions asked" policy between buyers and sellers is unique to the U. S. Other consumer product from toys to automobiles, has some regulation. Every automobile must be register, driver must be licensed and tested.

Guns don! t have this regulation in America even there are 86% of gun owners support criminal background checks for all handgun purchases. On the other hand, gun control opponents believe that "more guns, less crime" and try to push laws allow people to carry concealed handguns, but the fact overthrow their theory. Further more, there are some arguments against gun control: like guns don't kill people, people do; we don't need more gun control laws, we just need to better enforce existing ones; that gun laws violate the Second Amendment; that gun laws punish law-abiding citizens but do nothing to deter criminals. However, most justifiable researchers, including those at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, have thoroughly discredited these studies. "Gun control laws only punish law-abiding citizens" or "Criminals won't obey gun control laws." (Sienko Michael, Bergen county leaders forum, website). Have a gun doesn! t means one is safe.

Have the freedom to own a gun doesn! t means one is away from crime. Americans have right to own a gun, but America has severe gun violence. For this reason, gun control is essential law to the American society. To make gun control work, they have to strict on all gun control actions, starting with manufacturing, through gun registration, purchase, license and ending with licenses to carry. In fact, the most important thing is to stop gun falling into wrong hand. (Michael Sienko) Works cited: 1.

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