The United States is completely justified with invading Iraq. First of all Saddam Hussein would be a worse threat if not stopped now. He may have done nothing to start this war, but this war is also a war on terrorism. Many have seen the photos of what Hussein does to his own people, humanity cannot let this happen. The Iraqis deserve a free and democratic government. It is not right to let them be ruled by this dictating tyrant anymore.

Finally we must rid the world of a sadistic, war mongering, maker of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Principle consideration is Saddam Hussein's strength. We need to go to war now while Hussein is not as strong as he " ll be later. According to The Weekly Standard's Frederick W. Kagan, if we strike while Hussein is weak we will have "a maximum likelihood of success. If the enemy feels itself ready for an attack it will put up more of a fight, thus causing more casualties." Kagan continues, " If our military is required to wait an open-ended basis while diplomacy and other avenues are explored, the likelihood of achieving surprise is dramatically reduced.

If we delay it leaves the initiative in the hands of our enemies, which puts us at a disadvantage." We need the advantage in this war. We can not leave the initiative in the hands of our enemies. Kagan states," In such a case, they may be able to achieve surprise, inflict defeat, and change the situation to their advantage before we can respond. Perhaps equally as important is the fact that the Iraqis will be freed.

The Iraqis have gone through many years of oppression with Saddam as their dictator. According to Freed Zakaria from Newsweek," No matter what comes after Saddam, it will be better than his totalitarian regime." Taking Hussein out of power will end a nightmare of repression. This will be a great change for most of Iraq. The Iraqi people deserve to be liberated from Hussein's reign of tyranny.

"No one disputes that the Iraqi people would be better off under almost any other regime than the current one - or that the vast numbers of them, including almost every Iraqi exile endorse a war to remove the tyrant", Stated Andrew Sullivan of Time Magazine. War is an awful thing; but it isn't the most awful thing" continued Sullivan. Finally, we must get rid of a major user of Weapons of Mass Destruction ("W. M. D." ). According to Zakaria, "Very few states have set out to make chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, taking one off the list are a big step toward safety." Other producers would think twice before going down Saddam's path.

Hussein is unpredictable, so to take him out of power would make Iraq and countries around Iraq safer. The fact that Saddam may have w. m. d. is a declaration of war.

Sullivan states," Recall the war was won 12 years ago, no peace treaty was signed. Instead, a truce was arranged on a clear and unequivocal condition: that Saddam completely disarm himself of weapons of mass destruction. Since no one - not even the U. N. inspectors - believes that such disarmament has happened, the truce no longer holds." Sullivan continues, " He was told nearly four months ago by a unanimous U. N.

Security Council that he had to disarm immediately and completely." Saddam still hasn't we are responding to Saddam by war because he is threat to the World. In this war, we are justified.