Matthews starts off this article by explaining on how Lackawanna County Prison is at its low point. The author tells us that the prison is under investigation for alleging beatings of inmates at the prison. Matthews also writes in her article that seven members of the Pennsylvania Prison Society has visited the prison to interview 18 inmates who told the board of the alleged beatings at the Lackawanna County Prison. Matthews writes that certain people think that these allege beatings are not true, and how some people say the administration should fix this major problem if these accusations are true. Matthews write about how there is an ongoing investigation in the prison about abuse, sexual activities, and other inappropriate behavior. Also Matthews also informs us that one of the members of the prison society, who has visited 30 prisons in the state of Pennsylvania said that Lackawanna county prison is one of the worst he has seen.

Matthews also writes about how the need to upgrade the standards at the county prison. Matthews interviews a couple of people about this situation. One person said that "he doesn't work at the prison but he knows gentlemen who do, and he said that these people are good people." Matthews explains that this problem occurred when former Warden Thomas P. Gilhooley admitted that he made inmates do inappropriate behaviors at his own home. Matthews also writes how prison guards also made inmates perform personal jobs and services. Matthews explains on how John Rush, another member of the prison society, interviewed the inmates separately and all inmates told similar stories on how the guards at the prison beat them.

Matthews writes on how the inmates would know if someone was getting beat by when the guards would put on black leather gloves. Also the author reports that at other county facilities that they don't provide leather gloves because there is no need for them. The author reports that Rush thinks that guards at the prison are going by the good old boys system, where guards cover for each other. Mr.

Rush is saying this because all accusations are similar, and most of the same guard names keep on coming up in each beating. Matthews also writes on how Tom Z eager, who also is on the board, says that they need to upgrade the staff at the prison who wants to carry out the law instead of their own frustrations. The author also reports on how most of these prison guards don't have the proper training and lack education of the job. Finally Matthews explains on how each party that is involved in this ongoing investigation is trying to get these accusations under control as fast as possible. The author reports some officials think these stories are not true, but on the other hand some officials are trying to make sure that this problem is taking care of the right way, and that these inmates be treated fairly..