Why There Should Be No Death Penalty My stance on the issue of capital punishment is that I don't think it's wrong to put people to death for their actions, but it is wrong to put the convict to death if it will have a negative impact on the innocent citizens in the United States. The negative impact I am talking about is the huge costs of the appeals the convicts on death row go through. The costs of the court appeals are paid for through taxes, our taxes. Another point is I think death is an easy way out for people facing the death penalty.

They ended the life of someone else, so I think they should spend the rest of their life in solitude in a small dark cell. They should have no access to any prison programs or equipment. Another valid point many people make is that in recent years there have been many people on death row that have been found innocent. If you kill someone then find they are innocent what can you do? Nothing. If you put someone in jail for the rest of their life then find they are innocent, you can let them out. With all the points I have given in this essay I think it would be foolish to put someone to death no matter what their actions may be.

It's cheaper to keep them alive than it is to put them to death. Putting them in jail for life will make the punishment more severe in my opinion. Finally, with all the new technology we have today it isn't all that uncommon for a ruling to be overturned based on new evidence.