Ivan Walker Dr. In grad Smith Honors Colloquialism 5 September 2003 Nothing But A Number: Confronting the Issues at Hand In today's hi-tech, modern society, the question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" still boggles the mind. Perhaps even more perplexing is the question, "When is a child born?" Some argue that a child is born at the point of conception, others say after the first trimester, and many would agree that it is at the point when the child is able to survive outside of the mother. The answer to the question is really a matter of perception and most people would answer in a manner that would easily agree with their beliefs. For those who support abortion, accepting that a child is "born" when the child is able to survive outside of the mother would be the most valid answer or argument. However, for those who are pro-life, acknowledging that a child is "born" at the point of conception would be the most compelling argument or answer.

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