The Latin American political leaders that base their offers to the electorate on demagogic promises, will always have an immense number of willing listeners and a not much more smaller number of voters willing to support them with their votes. This sad situation is originated by the existence of big impoverished majorities, lacking the benefits that a well paid job or the possession of a business, small or big, but established and prosperous bring to the common man and his family. These majorities, almost always forgotten in the design and execution of government plans, will always be willing to hear promises that flatter them and offer them a better future, without too much effort and in a short term, and this sentence defines the demagogic speech: to offer to the electorate "immediate or medium term achievements", when one knows well that those achievements will demand big efforts for long periods of time. Education alone will give those big impoverished majorities the possibility of not being deceived once again by demagogic leaders. Only the knowledge of the reality of their societies and of the possibilities to short, medium and long term plans, along with the knowledge of the necessary efforts in each stage will be able to liberate them of falling in hands of those astute and deceiving leaders. Only the truth will make them free.

In these days we can see in Venezuela a very clear example of this situation. Hugo Chavez, president of this oil producing country since 1999, is a clear example of a demagogic leader but, worse still, he is moving to delete all democracy in Venezuela in order to hold power in his hands. Hugo Chavez is dangerous too for another reason: he is a military of leftist tendencies, a demagogic military who sees the possibility of holding power by means of the establishment of a left wing regime in Venezuela. The Venezuelan people now have a huge work: they have to democratically oust Hugo Chavez from the presidency, and to achieve this goal they have to do a recall next year. Needless to say, Hugo Chavez will do all he can in order to hinder this recall.