With my minor in early childhood education, I plan to open a day care center in the church that I attend. I believe with having this day care center at the local church, will create a great opportunity not only to learn basic material but also to learn good moral values. This was the children will have a better understanding of life. I would like to build a day care center that connects to the church. The money that is earned will go towards the day care center at first. When the day care center raises enough money.

I plan to have the money split between the church and the daycare. This will help the church out with any construction that needs to be done or if a new temple needs to be purchased. I would like to get this started first with the help of the church members making donations with money or which, ever way they can. To help us get this day care center started. Most importantly the children the enrollment of a good amount of children would really help. Having this dare care will also provide jobs for the youth of the church that is interested in working with kids.

After I have reached that goal I would like to build a day care center at all the churches in the congregation. All the churches in my congregation are located in the northeastern side of the United States. Building a daycare center in next to every church will help out the church to grow in many ways. With the children learning at the day care they are going to be introduced to church and moral values that way. As the get older they have the choice weather they want to attend church at a regular basis or not. Also we will let the parents know what kind of a day care this is so that they to can understand and learn, by bring there children to the day care and church.

My goal is not only to introduce church to the children but also to teach the children how to be respectful and good moral values, so they can grow up to be well mannered people. After all, the children of today are going to be the one running the world tomorrow. web.