Conservativism is a set of beliefs that include a limited role for the national government in helping individuals, support for traditional values and lifestyles, and a cautious response to change. Liberalism is a set of beliefs that includes the advocacy of positive government action to improve the welfare of individuals, support for civil rights, and tolerance for political and social change. I am liberal on some issues, conservative on other issues, and there are several issues that I remain neutral about. Abortion rights is one issue that I am completely conservative on. Except for those few extreme situations, like if the mother and the unborn child are both at risk if the pregnancy continues, I think abortion should not be an option. When an abortion takes place, an innocent baby is killed, and that is murder.

Murder is illegal, so abortion should be, too. Every baby conceived should have a chance to live, and to be apart of the world, and there are many families out there who would love to adopt a baby, and give him or her a home. If a law was passed to make abortion illegal, I would then be liberal for that particular issue. Affirmative action is another issue that I happen to be conservative on.

People should not be able to get a job, or be denied one, on only the count of race, sex, or disability. This is simply prejudice, and shouldn't be allowed. It may sometimes seem like it is helpful in getting someone a job, but at the same time, it is also discrimination against someone else. Affirmative action is not fair.

People should be able to get a job on the count of there personality, and how well they can do the job, not on the count of race, sex, or disability. An issue that I am neutral on is Bible reading in public schools. Personally, I am a Christian, and I would love to read the Bible in school. It would help spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and possibly create more followers. On the other hand, America is known for its First Amendment rights, including freedom of religion. Even though many people, including myself, would like to have Bible reading in school, the rest of the school may not feel the same way.

I think we should be able to read the Bible, as any other book, on our own free time, and maybe even in small reading groups, but the issue still shouldn't be forced on everyone. Another issue that I am liberal on is government involvement in hate crimes. Hate crimes are simply violent crimes committed based on racism. If you think about it, hate crimes bring nothing but more hate, and more crime. We all need to stop judging people by the color of their skin, or the way they live their lives. We are all people, human beings with different life styles, and we all deserve respect.

I believe states should be permitted to enhance punishment for crimes motivated by hate. Capital punishment is an issue that I am neutral on. In some cases, I think the death penalty is not the answer. First of all, it is expensive, it's murder, even if he or she deserves it, and it may not be the ultimate punishment. Sometimes, a lifetime in prison is much worse than escaping through death. On the other hand, what if the criminal is able to escape from the prison? And keeping him or her alive is also costly.

Many people in favor of capital punishment see it as "an eye for an eye." So, in some cases I am against the death penalty, but other times, I may be for it. In conclusion to my debate paper on popular controversial social issues, on average, out of the issues I discussed, I found myself to be liberal on most cases, and conservative and neutral on some issues. I am conservative about abortion and arbitrative action. I am liberal about government involvement in hate crimes.

I am neutral about Bible reading in public schools and capital punishment. I am mostly liberal, and would appreciate government involvement on the issues that I am liberal about.