The death penalty is it a barbaric law that needs to be removed from the New Mexico laws. Some people suggest that the law should be changed to life in prison without parole. Ron Steiner is one of the people that believe that the death penalty should be abolished. Steiner stated that 50 percent of people are against the death penalty if it was change to life in prison without parole.

How can this poll be true if I was never asked this question? The governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson is in favor of the death penalty. I agree with the governor that we should keep the death penalty, but I would like to see something added to the law. Democratic Senator Mary Jane Garcia of Las Cruces has always been in favorite of abolishing the death penalty. Senator Garcia knows that in the past the death penalty has been on the chopping block before and has always remained the same. She proposed that a crime that involves child abuse that resulting in the death of a child, that the accused should be sentenced to death. I also agree with Senator on what she had posed about child abuse that causes death.

If passed the law would be revised to include what the senator wanted to add to the law. New Mexico legislation has always been debating over the subject of the death penalty. The fact is that most lawmakers are for the death penalty based on the past decisions the kept this law in New Mexico. I believe that the law will never be abolished but it would be revised. There would always be a need for the death penalty in today.