The federal election, which will be held on November 27 th, has become a major focus for me. I have looked up every partyf's platform, and decided to vote for the Progressive Conservatives for many reasons, including health care, tax cuts, and immigration. Since I am from Korea, the immigration issue is extremely important to me. Also, as a Canadian citizen, health care and tax cuts are essential to my life in Canada. I think the Progressive Conservative Party has the best platform for these issues. First of all, in this election the health care system has been one of the most popular issues, and the Progressive Conservatives have the best platform for it.

The Progressive Conservatives have promised that they will raise the health care funding up to 1993~94 levels, and guarantee long term funding as well. In the Past, the present government used the health care funding in some other ways. According to the PC policy, the present government has had a scandal in the Human Resource Department. They have used health taxes for their party administration. They just chose to keep funding levels below 1994 levels.

As a result, their investment in the health care system is less now than in the past. If the health care funding goes up to 1993 levels, and is maintained long-term, many hospitals can promote research and development in medical studies. Also, the Progressive Conservatives promise to work with private sectors to make national standards strong. This is the best way to dissolve the privatization problem. We cannot deny there is a "2 tier-health care system" because it is happening in Alberta now! It is impossible to just ignore it. If the national standards and private sectors work together, the whole health care system will be stronger.

Since the Progressive Conservatives will try to put more money into the health care system, Canadians will benefit. Secondly, the Progressive Conservative Party has a really good policy for tax cuts. The "average" Canadian loses about 47 percent of his income to taxes, so Canadians are suffering from high taxes. The present government chose $500 million in tax cuts for the six big banks, but only $350 for a single mother who earns only $15000 per year.

The Progressive Conservative Party promises to assist Canadian families by increasing the spousal and equivalent-to-spousal tax exemption from the current level of $7231 to $12000 by 2005. This will make an easier life for most Canadians. Also, the Progressive Conservatives are introducing a child tax credit of $1176 per child, which is equal to a $200 tax cut. I think this will give families more opportunities to use childcare services and meet other family needs.

Thirdly, I am concerned about immigration. As everyone knows, Canada is a multicultural country. The government of Canada respects and provides for immigrants when they arrive here, but still there are some problems that immigrants have, such as discrimination in the Immigration Law and lack of job opportunities. The Progressive Conservative Party guarantees they will focus on the immigration applicants who want to get jobs and contribute to the development of Canadian society. For example, immigrants will bring their knowledge and skills from their country. This will help to develop Canada.

This will give many opportunities to those immigrants all over the world who really want to work in Canada. Also, the Progressive Conservative Party promises that it will speed up the process for foreign students who are studying in Canada to apply for immigration. The international students have to pay more than Canadians do, which is something they do not want to do. If they immigrate to Canada, they will not have to pay as much, and will stay in Canada to study for Canada. Personally, I am concerned about this issue because I am an immigrant, and I am sure that the Progressive Conservatives will help us.

In this election, every party has a lot of policies on many issues. For me, the most important issues are health care, tax cuts, and immigration. They are very important in an advanced country like Canada. Everyone wants health care that is better than the present health care system. Also, tax cuts are directly related to our lives. More tax cuts bring an easier life.

As well, immigration is one of the hottest issues. Many immigrants who are coming to Canada do not want to have a hard life with discrimination in their new home and lack of job opportunities. The Canadian government should help them. The Progressive Conservative Party has the solutions for all these problems. I strongly recommend to people who have not decided which party to support that they join me in voting for the Progressive Conservative Party because they want Canada to be a better country..