Procedures should be both fair and seen to be fair in our legal system. This was certainly not the case in the story of David Milgaard who spent twenty-three years in prison after police coerced false testimony to be used against him. Our system seems to have neglected principles of justice which are essential to our nation's citizens freedom, putting an innocent man in prison. It appears that without the discovery of DNA testing our system would have continued to fail. David Milgaard grew up with his two brothers, two sisters, and his mother Joyce. Although he was loved by family and friends he was considered to be somewhat of a trouble maker.

As early as kindergarten parents and teachers felt he was a negative influence on the other children and rather impulsive. He resisted authority and was clearly not mentally stable after being admitted to a psychiatric facility at only thirteen years old. While his authority figures did not have very kind feelings of David he still had rather close friends. He was with a couple of friends the night of Gail Miller's murder on a trip to Alberta when the mayhem began.

David and his two of his friends were on their way to Alberta when David decided to stop and pick up an old friend of his named Shorty Ca drain. What David did not realize was that later convicted rapist Larry Fisher was staying with Shorty and this fact eventually becomes crucial evidence in acquitting David. While on there way the friends decide to make yet another unexpected stop. According to sources, "They stopped to help someone out of a snow bank, and got stuck themselves, this is when Milgaard ripped his pants, something that came into evidence against him." The friends continued on their short trip to Alberta but once they returned home he was betrayed by his closest friends.