The world is coming to an end faster than we know. We as a country have a lot of problems such as economic and social, which need to be fixed. The United States need to address problems that start with the government, which is getting this country into a lot of problems. Government needs to limit immigration, fix problems over sea, and improve economic problems if they want this country to stand by the year 2060 or else the country will end. United States policy of letting immigrants into this country is not strict at all.

Look what happen on September 11, 2001. The people who high jacked the planes that crash into the World Trade Center where foreign immigrants that had fake ids to get into this country. Immigration policy has to get stricter on letting immigrants into this country because before we know it this country will soon have suicide bombers, and will never be able to stop the bombings all because we have lenient policies on immigration here in the United States. Also we have to be able to fix our problems over seas before it gets out of control.

We have to stop the acts of terrorism, and also stop giving money to countries that support terrorism. Also we need to fix the problems quickly and peacefully because other countries will target the United States as bullies, and other countries are going to start teaming up on the U. S. and try and invade this country. Also if we don't stop picking on other countries there will be a big nuclear war, and when that happens no one will survive.

Economic problems have to improve. More and more people live in poverty today in this world. But also there are other problems we have to worry about like HIV. We have to be able to control or cure the disease of HIV.

Pretty soon almost everyone you know will have been touched with the virus. This country needs to start thinking about the future of this world. Because with all these problems that are going on this world is not going to stand for much longer. There is a lot of violence, hatred, and wars going on that need to be stopped or else there will not be a world anymore.