! yen Third World mining is primarily for the benefit of the First World! |. "X The history of mining in the third world, and particularly in Africa, is a history of land appropriation, displacement of peoples from their lands, environmental devastation, political and cultural marginalization and oppression of people belonging to the lower economic sectors of society. "X The mining industry uses 10% of world energy, spews almost half of all toxic emissions in some countries, and threatens nearly 40% of the worlds undeveloped tracts of forests. "X Mining continues to be a key component of the economies of many third world countries, particularly African countries, and in some cases constitutes their economic mainstay. "X Globalization and trade liberalization have forced third world governments, particularly African governments, to provide incentives for foreign investment in order to survive. "X The rise in foreign investment in many third world countries has implicitly increased corruption and unethical behaviour within government and state bureaucracy.

"X Exploration expeditions into indigenous land within some third world countries has resulted in communities being brutally evicted and the use of military and mercenary activity to repress any opposition toward the mining companies involved. "X As a result of mining the farming land of many indigenous communities has suffered severe soil and land degradation, drinking and irrigation water has been poisoned, massive numbers of native wildlife and domesticated animals have been killed and general health among Indigenous communities has significantly degenerated. "X The potent political issues of corruption and unethical behaviour belying the outspoken intentions of governments, unilateral agencies, and of course the mining companies and multinationals themselves, are at the core of most of the issues surrounding the mining industry in third world countries. "X Countries and nations that are endowed with rich natural resources are left wallowing in poverty and oppression whilst huge profit margins are made for the benefit of a small, wealthy elite.