What is an American Is anyone a true American? Is it simply anyone who lives in the United States or is it those who salute the flag and patronize America? America has been given the term the great American melting pot. From that declaration not one race, one religion, or one heritage is truly American. To me an American is someone that loves their country so much that they would be keen to battle for their country. Until Christopher Columbus the only inhabitants of America was the native Americans. Not even the Native Americans originated in America but were hunters and gatherers from Asia. Then came the British, French, and Spanish.

Each claiming America but still not true American's. After the English settlers colonized in America the new government was set up. Then when America became a country, many foreigners from different countries and ethnic backgrounds called it their home. None of these are truly American if the qualifications were based on being raised in America.

With a new beginning, America flourished with its respective " melting pot." So based on these facts these first settlers are not truly American. Based on Crevecoeur claim an American is a "new man," an American is a foreigner now claiming America as their home. Crevecoeur also claimed that Americans are " individuals of all nations melted into a new race of men." This is not true considering that Americans fasten on to their cultural and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Americans are a unique combination of different races mixed into one great nation. Although the constitution states, "All men are created equal," we as Americans fear the unfamiliar changes that new cultures bring. A true American would be able to handle changes dealing with acculturation.

This is what makes America a true American. A true American is someone who is not afraid to speak their mind. An American is someone who supports all citizens and their government. A true American does not discriminate or take advantage of fellow Americans. A true American is someone who is not afraid to cover his heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He is someone who embraces the constitution and follows laws that are set up in order to keep us as Americans safe.

Crevecoeur statement, " The American ought therefore to love this country much better than that wherein either he or his forefathers were born," simply states the basis of a true American. An American can not be defined in one word as Crevecoeur attempted, because of our constitution and democratic society. Therefore an American rejoices in their differences and incorporate it into their daily lives. Furthermore, we being citizens of the United States, are the true definition of an American. We are all Americans in the great American Melting Pot..