A bald eagle perches on a branch of a dead tree. He looks out of the corner of his eye at a hawk, who has strenuously hunted for a fish for several hours. Just as the hawk finally grasps a fish, the bald eagle swoops down from the tree and attacks him. The bald eagle gobbles down the fish, leaving the hawk breathless, wounded, and without the fish he worked hard to catch.

The bald eagle, chosen as the national bird of the United States for its "long life, great strength, and majestic looks" in 1782, shows laziness, greed, and no compassion. It does not appropriately portray America, the brave and honest. With its loyalty, unity, and determination, the robin would truly represent the United States. The United States is loyal to the constitution in guaranteeing certain rights such as freedom. America's allies can rely on America to help defend their country if attacked. Like America, robins are loyal.

After migrating south in the fall, robins can be counted on to be the first to arrive north in the spring. By returning to the same location to build nests each year, robins show a strong sense of duty and responsibility. A flock of robins on a telephone line can be sited singing for long periods of time at dawn and dusk. Their cheerful caroling together shows unity. In order for a country to operate, it must work together.

America's military, the best in the world, unites to work successfully. As they chirp together, robins also show encouragement. In the United States, the Declaration of Independence proclaims the right to pursue happiness. Robins are self-reliant and determined. Unlike the bald eagle, robins catch their prey on their own. They go about their own business and if they have trouble, they are resourceful and do not rely on other birds to catch food for them.

In the same way, The United States is its own country and never asks other countries for help... determined to lead the world in democracy. The United States teaches other countries about governing themselves through democracy. The bald eagle may live a long life, is strong because of its great size, and certainly has majestic looks, but these qualities-longevity, external strength, and appearance-are shallow. The national bird should be based on moral qualities that represent the country, such as loyalty, unity, and peace that the robin has..