Nine months later Bobinot came home from Friedheimer's store in an absolute rage. While he was down at the store he ran into Alcee, and Alcee told him about the encounter he had with his wife a while back during the big storm. He told him everything that had happened and how it made him realize that he wanted his wife back. This pissed Bobinot off and sent him into an immediate rage.

He began beating Alcee until Mr. Friedheimer came and pulled him off Alcee. By this time it was to late Bobinot had already busted Alcee's nose and broke his arm. After Bobinot calmed down a little he began yelling at Alcee, "I hope my wife likes you now, cause I don't think your wife is gonna like you to much!" Bobinot rushed home to confront his wife about the situation. When he walked in the door he began yelling vigorously for his wife. She came out from the kitchen asking "Bobinot what's wrong, you need to calm down?" Bobinot replied "I ain't calm in down for shit until I get some damn answers! What went on between you and Alcee that night he was over here during the storm?"Why nothing Bobinot, why do you ask?" exclaimed Calixta.

"I just come from Friedheimer's store where I ran into Alcee and he was apologizing for some stuff he done with you the night of the storm; and now he's all bloodied up!" Said Bobinot. "Well is he alright?" asked Calixta, "Who Cares about him, is what he told me true Calixta?" asked Bobinot. "Well it depends on what he told you but yes stuff happened that night!" After Bobinot heard this he went right over to Alcee's house so he could talk to his wife and tell her what had went on that night cause he knew that she probably didn't know about this either. When he told Clarissa she was in shock because she remember getting the letter from her husband that said the night of the storm is when everything had changed for him.

This is when he said he realized that he missed her very much and still loved her and wanted things to work out between them.