A. 1: What is your main goal? 2: What does this program include? 3: Do you think it's going to work? 4: What are your wishes for the future? B. Representatives from the biotech firms are announcing a program through which farmland in the developing countries could yield better products. Their main goal is that the quality must be very high and rich.

The Products must be 100% clean, they must be under observation, and full monitoring, and must be inspected before marketing. The prices must be reasonable, and vary according to the product. The workers must put their full efforts and trust while working. There must be vans to transport the fresh products cold and safe to the markets. These products must have on it a label stating all the contents of food and the production and expiring date.

And it is recommended that the company must recollect the products when the expiry dates are at the end, before letting the supermarkets sell it while it's expired. The program will work for sure if it was executed in the specified conditions, and the work was dealt in a serious way, rather than putting all our effort in making our products and our name in the markets, popular. The wishes are a lot, but the main wish, which they are working hard to make, is to be popular in the markets for their known products and cleanliness. And this program that they have been planning, will work according to plans, if they were dealt seriously and with tactics.

And like that was mentioned before, they want their names to be popular, not necessarily quickly, but at least after effort and lots of hard work, and of course, as a team.