The method for dying concrete to produce blended colours, such as blue and green. The colour is produced by mixing metal powders into concrete and other concrete based mixes. the powdered is then chemically processed to produce the colour. For example, can be dyed blue dyeing adding copper powder into the concrete mix and processing it with a catalyzer (salt).

The created through a chemical reaction spreads and stays firmly in the concrete mix. Other metal powders can be used such as, iron and nickel to dye the concrete in different ways. Dyied concrete is used for a variety of different things such as, building and concrete industry, facades, slabs, concrete spraying, noise barriers, outdoor swimming pools, bridges and rock construction, etc... The advantages of using a concrete that has been dyied using a chemical reaction is, wider range of colour, Inexpensive production of blue concrete which has until now been expensive and not possible to produce in large quantities, good take and durability of colour, vivid surface structure, easy repairablity of colour, inexpensive method for removing graffiti, microbe prevention enables seaside construction in warm countries. Currently a patient is pending in Finland! We tried this experiment in a chemistry lab you have to add the cooper under a hood it is deadly if inhaled it was a really neat experiment as far as the catalyzer their are other things you can use depending on what you have access to refer to the me rik index, it tells you the catalyzer for any and every know chemical. hope this helps!.