Many people have been discussing the scientific advancements recently made in genetic engineering. Genetic engineering has the ability to reconstruct an organism's DNA and chromosomes. Some believe that this new scientific ability will better our environment. However, I feel that genetic engineering has the potential to do more negative than positive.

By altering an organism's genetic composition, one also risks changing how it reacts with its environment. Scientist may feel that they have genetically reconstructed an exact replica of an organism. This organism's physical appearance and general behavior may even imitate the original model used. However, when placing the organism in its environment it may react much differently because of an internal flaw. For example, a scientist could decide to genetically construct a plant's genetics so that it was identical to the "model" plant. Physically both may appear to be identical.

However, when they place the genetically engineered plant into its natural environment, it could begin to release poison's into the earth. This could create problems for surrounding plants and animals. Many concerned scientists have already sited this possible dilemma.