Shades Dear Mom, This past week i endeavored on the delightful effect of polarized light. My class conducted experiments on polarization and things such as how to label, find, and see what kind of things it would do. We set up many tests such as sunglasses, mirrors, glass, and filters. If the light off many different things would go through our filters then it would intern be polarized light. Then we would record, except for Mr. Hughes, he is still learning to read and write.

Love, Kyle Steps 1. The polarized light will enter the filter, then become blocked out due to it rotating then appear again. 2. This states that the light is polarized. 3. The polarized light of the first filter will go through the second til you rotate and then it becomes absolute dark.

4. It only accepts the polarized light from the second filter. 5. If you rotate that filter the light will fade and go dark, if this does not occur, then the light is not polarized. 6.

The light of the lazer is not polarized. 7. The light reflecting off the mirror is not polarized. 8. 9. Yes, the light off the calculator is polarized.

10. Lcd screens are polarized 11. Yes, light coming through sunglasses is polarized 12. table-unpolarized, pen-unpolarized, TV-unpolarized, whiteboard-unpolarized, watch-polarized 13.

see back 14. The region of maximum polarization is directly above you. 15. Yes because the vectors are: 16.

No, because none of the light is getting through. 17. Yes, but a very small amount 18. Light gets through by paying the grates, then showing on the other side.