"The unexplained life is not worth living" Life is all existence around us. Everything we see, feel, hear, touch and so on is a product of life. Life may mean a lot, it may come in different approaches in entering ones consciousness. Life is to be maximized to the fullest. As our fore fathers have filled their life with study, which comes as a result the comfort of life. A man may have its own meaning of life regardless of raise, religion, color.

Life comes in a flash. Before you realize something, it has already been gone for long. Certain things in life just happen without any purpose or no relation to ones being. How are we to know the span of our life, as we can observe in our world. Some live long being a lynch in the society, not knowing their specifications and what to do next. Some lived very short, and yet meaningful.

Some say its gods wiLL to take all good and leave all bad. But where do we put significant humans living old with explained existence. Life cannot be dictated upon. Its our own soul that dictates our life, and that's what makes us humans different from all sorts of life. One should know his significance of existence.

Then if he does not, he is not worth living. It is when one cannot adopt to societies change and culture having another world running in his mind. Who are we to critic those unexplainable humanoids. For me, mentally disordered mind is to be referred as to this statement " the unexplained life is not worth living." Mentally disordered people cannot communicate with normal people, hence, they cannot communicate with anyone, but they are breathing just like ordinary people.

Now, these are the examples of unexplained life is not worth living. They are good as dead others would comment. We have special institutions to handle these "Disturbed" human beings. As for me, the unexplained life is truly not worth living.