Microsoft Word Viewer 97, the newest member of the Word Viewer family, is a freeware product that allows you to view and print Microsoft Word 97 documents. Like previous versions of Word Viewer, the latest version can also open documents created with all previous versions of Word for Windows and version 4. x and above of Microsoft Word for Macintosh. You cannot edit an open document in Word Viewer 97. However, if you have Word 97 installed, Word Viewer can open the document in Word. You can also copy text to the Clipboard to paste it in other applications.

Microsoft encourages you to distribute Word Viewer 97 along with your Word 97 documents to people who do not have Microsoft Word 97. What's New in Microsoft Word Viewer 97 Microsoft Word Viewer 97 is optimized for displaying Word documents inside Microsoft Internet Explorer 3. x and above. If you have Netscape Navigator 2. x or above, Word Viewer Setup will install a plug-in that allows Word Viewer 97 to display documents inside the Navigator window. Word Viewer 97 includes the following, market-leading Microsoft Word 97 features:  Online Layout View for easy reading of online documents, including those with background colors and textures Document Map for point-and-click navigation through longer documents Hyperlink navigation to open any hyperlink in a document with your installed browser System Requirements for Word Viewer 97 A personal computer with a 486 or higher processor Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or Microsoft Windows NT Workstation operating system 3.

51 or later 4 MB of memory for Windows 95 (8 MB recommended)  12 MB of memory for Windows NT Workstation 7 MB of hard disk space (9 MB free for installation only)  VGA or higher-resolution video adapter Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device Ordering Microsoft Word 97 If you would like to order the retail version of Microsoft Word 97, contact the Microsoft Order Desk at (800) 360 - 7561 in the U. S. , visit the Microsoft Online Shop, or contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To locate your subsidiary, see the Microsoft World Wide Offices Web site at: web Contents To jump directly to any topic, click its page number in the table of contents below. Microsoft Word Viewer 97 for Windows 95 and Windows NT 1 What's New in Microsoft Word Viewer 97 1 System Requirements for Word Viewer 97 1 Ordering Microsoft Word 97 2 Contents 2 Technical Support for Microsoft Word Viewer 97 4 Microsoft Knowledge Base 4 The World Wide Web 4 Tech Net 4 Microsoft FTP Site 4 Microsoft Fast Tips 5 Information on using Microsoft Word Viewer 97 5 Navigating Hyperlinks 5 Online Layout View and Document Map 6 Comments 6 Displaying Pictures 7 Word for Macintosh pictures 7 Printer and Video Driver Issues 7 Document margin issues 7 Font issues 8 Video Drivers 8 Printer Drivers 8 Rich Text Format (RTF) and Plain Text Documents 8 Installation and Maintenance 9 Important: 9 Maintenance Mode 9 Uninstall 10 Distribution of Word Viewer 10 Disk Distribution 10 Distributing Word Viewer 97 on network servers 13 Word Viewer 97 installed file names and locations 13 Technical Support for Microsoft Word Viewer 97 Microsoft Technical Support provides a number of no-charge options for you to obtain technical information about Microsoft Word Viewer 97.

These options include Microsoft Technical Support Online, the Microsoft Knowledge Base, the Microsoft Word Product Support phone line (206) 462-9673, and Microsoft Fast Tips. Because Word Viewer 97 is similar to Word, information on a particular topic such as printing from Word may also be pertinent to Word Viewer 97. Keep this similarity in mind when you look for technical information on any Word Viewer 97 issue you may encounter. Microsoft Knowledge Base The Microsoft Knowledge Base, the same information source used by support engineers, contains thousands of technical and support-oriented articles on Microsoft products, including Word Viewer 97. You can access the Knowledge Base from any of the following sources. The World Wide Web To access the Knowledge Base on the World Wide Web, use the following address: web Knowledge Base and follow the detailed instructions on the page.

TechNet TechNet, the Microsoft Technical Information Network, is a technical information subscription service providing valuable technical information about Microsoft products, including the Microsoft Knowledge Base. The subscription service includes 12 monthly updates to the Tech Net CD-ROM. For Tech Net subscriptions or information, call (800) 344 - 2121. Microsoft FTP Site The Microsoft FTP anonymous server provides access to the Microsoft Knowledge Base for those users who have access to an FTP program service provider. To access the Microsoft Knowledge Base through the Microsoft FTP site do the following: 1. Log on to your Internet account.

2. At the Internet prompt, type open ftp. microsoft. color use the following IP address: open 198.

105. 232. 13. In the User Name field, type anonymous 4.

In the Password field, type your full electronic mail address (for example, ). 5. At the prompt, type cd to go to the KB directory. 6.

Once you are in the KB directory, download the Read Me. txt and Index. txt files located in that directory. Read Me.

txt contains important information regarding Knowledge Base articles on the Internet FTP server and how to access them. Index. txt contains a list of article titles and article IDs for each article. Microsoft FastTipsMicrosoft Fast Tips is an automated, toll-free service that provides quick answers to commonly asked technical support questions on key Microsoft products.

Fast Tips also offers a comprehensive library of technical information and access to a fax able catalog of technical white papers and data sheets. You can have any Fast Tip mailed or faxed to you from the automated Microsoft Fast Tips Technical Library, which you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 936 - 4100. Information on using Microsoft Word Viewer 97 Navigating Hyperlinks When a Word document contains hyperlinks to other locations (for example, to locations in the same file, or to files on the network or the Internet), you can move to these locations by clicking the hyperlink display text or image. When you point to the display text of a hyperlink, the pointer becomes a hand. To follow the hyperlink, click its display text or image. To follow a hyperlink to an Internet location, you must have access to the Internet, either through a modem or through a network connection that provides Internet access.

If Word Viewer cannot follow a hyperlink to an Internet location and you connect through a modem, check the modem connection. Most external modems have lights that show when they are sending or receiving signals. Consult your modem's documentation for more information. If you connect to the Internet through an Internet service provider, you may need to log on to the service again. You may also want to test other Internet connections from the same service provider. If you are accessing the Internet through your company or organization network, there could be network problems or Internet connection problems.

If the problem persists, see your network administrator. If Word Viewer cannot follow a hyperlink to a local file, the destination might have been moved or you may not have the application required for opening the document on your machine.