College Athletes work a lot harder than the athletes in the NBA league. College players dedicate hours of time practicing in hopes of making it to the NBA League. When college players stay in college 75 percent are likely to graduate. (Mackowski, Kenny. 2001). Since the athletes are not getting paid they will either make that jump to the pros.

College athletes should get paid for playing sports. T. J Ford is a 5-10 point guard soph more who plays for the Texas (Longhorns) University. Carmelo Anthony is a 6-8 small forward freshman who plays for the Syracuse (Orangemen) University. Both of these players spend hours on the court practicing. Therefore, both of these players exemplifies why the NCAA should pay college athletes.

These are college athletes that should keep playing fun basketball and keep getting their education. If they were paid a stipend, it is possible that they would stay in college to recieve their college diploma. Another athlete, Lebron James will not touch a college floor. He is headed to the pros (from high school) for the big money.

If any of these athletes get seriously hurt they do not have no education to back them up (Weaver, Ken. 2003). The Universities are getting a lot of money exposing the players in all types of venues. The Final Four is a major venue that brings in a lot of money. This year the Final Four made an estimate of 6. 5 million dollars (Simi nich, Milan.

2001). Since the players play in the games and are getting there face sold to other people they should get paid. Without the players there would be no games to play. Studies show that 84 percent of teenagers who watch college sport have a poster of some sort of an athlete in their room or work facility (Should College Athletes get paid, Online. 2001). Therefore, the players should get a percentage from the sell of posters and other memorabilia's...

There would be an end to all the recruiting violations if they would just pay college athletes. If players are compensated at their real market value the coaches would put an end to sneaking around and compensating their players. They are paid under the table either by donations by the alumni foundation, or coaches or even both. It can be in any form such as cars, jewelry, cash, free apartments, anything.

Studies indicate that 75 percent of underclassmen have recieved cash or gifts from an agent (PRO, Online. 2001). Paying college athletes will raise the graduation percentage probably to an all time high. There will be no recruiting violation. Therefore none of the athletes will get in trouble and can finish their College Career with a diploma. This could lead to a professional contract making millions of dollars while still finishing college.

For example, Allen Iverson gets paid 84 million dollars for six years. Now if a pro player gets paid that much, why shouldn't a college player get paid thousands? Players such as Camillo Anthony and T. J Ford should get paid for their hard work that they display. Athletes will set an example to kids who look up to them. Overall this will help the athletes develop maturity and responsiblity by learning to take care of money or budget before they get the millions of dollars that they deserve.