In his own backyard, Case lifts up a Newport cigarette until his mom rushed through the gate telling him to put it all down and enter the house. As Case faces his mom, all he can think about is his mom's smoking habits and problems. "Drop that and get inside of the house now," yelled Case's mom, pointing her fingers at Case. "I'm tired of you. I wish uncle Eddy was here, so I don't have to worry about everything," screamed Case, still holding the box of cigarettes. Refusing to listen by reminding her about the past problems, Case runs the opposite way of his mom and his mom follows screaming in anger, hopeless and frustrated.

Without looking back, Case jumps over the backyard fence, running across the driveway and onto the streets where he sees a car started up with the door open and no one in it. It was the neighbor's car. Looking back as his mom curses him to leave, all Case can think about is leaving the block. So without looking at the neighbor on the step's, he run's into the car and drives three blocks down. Getting out of the car, Case run's down to the next block to sit and contemplate his life in the park, where he meet's his best friend Shawn. Shawn greets Case as always with their own hand shake.

"What's up with you Case? You look like a person that would be FBI's most wanted fugitive, looking at me with that face." said Shawn. "No, it's my mom. I finally got away. Away from home," said Case, looking at Shawn in a worried way. "I know, I can tell and I can't believe it, but now your like me," said Shawn, reaching for the box of New Ports that Case holds. Giving Shawn the box, Case couldn't believe that his life was at the same position Shawn was stationed in for the last three years.

Shawn lick's his finger's to remind Case the childhood day's buying candy everyday in the nearest liquor store. "You still do that?" asked Case "Got to remember how we was," responded Shawn. But all Case can think about is his family and how it would be if his dad was alive. Case's dad was a hustler. Case couldn't bare to think of him ever since he died when he was only 7.

"You know my father is stupid. If he was -- "Man, quit blaming your pops, you don't even know the damn fool." After a week, Case and Shawn walks swiftly out their own apartment that they have started living in a few days before. Every day was a restless and reckless one, where Case and Shawn would rob cars for a well known bank robber nicknamed Clyde. Pocket's were filled with money and ankles was strapped with money and knives incase of a night full of a big whirlwind. But on an early day, Case walks by himself to the liquor store to buy two pair's of cheap liquor for himself and Shawn. Tightening his fists as a truck passes by, Case notices an elderly teacher laughing with his students until he hears his name being called from Shawn and accidentally drops 2 out of the 4 bottles he had purchased.

"Are you serious? I'm getting those bottles you have at your other hands then," said Shawn, laughing hard. "Take a look at that teacher. You know I always wanted to teach kids some stuff." said Case. Before Shawn questions him, Case says, "I'm serious. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a teacher." Claiming the two bottles left in Case's hands, Shawn walk's towards Case and still Case responds with a question of changing his, as well as Shawn's lifestyle, into teaching. Shawn laughs sarcastically then stops unexpectedly, looking fast with Case to a young teenage boy, seeing him cursing at his dad.

With an imperious looking face, Case looks at Shawn and Shawn looks back tapping his shoulder to show him every thing will be all right. Being on their way to Clyde's house, Case can think nothing else but to help little kid's go through life. "Damn though. Every where I go, all I can see is my little cousin Curtis poppin' up in my face," said Case.

"He was just a wannabe thug. Its not like he was real," said Shawn, sipping on his liquor. "You know if he ever learned anything, it would probably be about his mom. "Yeah.

But its weird, because when I reached out like I did for him, he just ignored it, acting like I wasn't teaching him any thing," said Case "You know he couldn't see what you were saying. I mean face it, you still hustle, so how can he understand you. I'm just saying you can't tell no one not to hustle when you hustle," said Shawn as Case looks down and picks up an old school brochure of his old elementary school. Case said "Yeah your right, I shouldn't -- "Hold up.

Be quiet, you know we have to watch out for Clyde to give us the signal," Responded Shawn. "This block is a trip too. Wait. Is this Amstreet Blvd.

? "Yeah homey! This is Amstreet Blvd. , so we should be on our way to Clyde's."No, this is L Block, we got to -- "I assure your broke ass, that this is Amstreet Blvd. ," said Case. "Don't you remember that green house by the park? That's how you know if this is Amstreet Blvd."Oh my bad." They drive closer to Clyde's house. "and this should be Clyde's pad, right?" Case looks at Shawn in a weird way. "Yeah.

Them cheap ass liquor got to you, huh?" said Case laughing as Shawn looks closer to the road and says nothing to Case. As Shawn was parking in Clyde's driveway, Clyde himself hurry's out to tell Shawn that their has been a new Mercedes' Benz parked downtown in the Holiday Hotel. Without saying a word, Shawn reverses his car out the driveway. Case stares across the street at some kids laughing with each other in his rearview mirror. Without saying a word on their way to the hotel, they spot the car parked near the place with a man leaning on it with no one around. Assuming it's the owner of the car, Shawn looks for a surveillance camera and spots it on the left streetlight.

Case hops out without speaking a word to Shawn and walk's smoothly with a hat to the unknown stranger. After double parking by the Benz, Shawn hops out and breaks into the car. The man look's back in shock. The man said "Hey! What are you guy's -- "Slow your role and pay attention," said Case, coming from behind with his hand over the victims mouth. Slammed to the ground, the victim could feel Case tying his hands. Shawn goes off with the Benz and Case hops quickly in the car he and Shawn had come in and left with no trace, leaving the unknown man alone outside of the hotel parking lot.

Assuming that Case will follow him back to Clyde's house, Shawn looks in his rear view and finds that Case was not behind him. "I'm about to bug out if I see another kid in my shoes," said Case driving the car to the nearest elementary school. Case whispers to himself as he sits in front of the school, on the steps. "Damn, I got to get it together.

"Can I help?" Said a voice and Case looks up to find his old 4 th grade teacher, Mrs. Deans. "Hey. Long time no see," said Case. "Yeah it has been a while huh? I can still remember that day you hit me when I told you to be quiet, remember?" . "Yeah Those days," said Case, looking up to the moon.

Mrs. Deans hugs Case and looks at him. "I can still recognize you. Even after all these years, you were always on my mind."I'm sorry about all of the dirt I threw around here.

Its just that I couldn't help it. Hanging with the big boys, trying to be like my cousins. It just felt like I was born to get out of school. Like school was a big waste of time."You know I was surprised when you left. I thought I can change you." Case looks at Mrs. Deans with wide open eyes.

"Yeah its true. And I still haven't come across to meet a student that was once like you."Wow," added Case looking back at the moon. "Is something bothering you?"Yeah. I can't seem to figure out what to make out of myself. Its like I have to do something I don't want to, to get respect. I want respect on the opposite side though.

I mean I ran away from my mom. Hell, I can't teach her nothing but to get angrier," Said Case looking back at Mrs. Deans. "I want to do something that you have tried to do to me."You want to teach?"Yes." Mrs. Deans looks at Case in shock. "But I don't want to let my boy Shawn down"Yes, Shawn.

The boy who would always cover for you when you came late from the store."You knew I went to the store?"I had to find out once in a while."But Shawn? I can't leave him like I did to everyone. I just can't do that to better myself. I mean that's being greedy, right?"Case, every time I see you, Shawn was always their. When he didn't have lunch, you would share."Or steal other people's lunch," said Case, laughing with Mrs. Deans "This is all just so hard for me though," calming down. "Yes that's true, but that's life," said Mrs.

Deans. Case pulls out a cigarette from his pocket. "You see! You need to quit this and start thinking. Just think, you can accomplish your goals better with out these distractions. Express them the best way you can."That don't make no sense! How am I supposed act when I can't think. Teaching is the problem! So tell me how to express through that! ," screamed Case.

"First get rid of that smell." Case puts the cigarette down. "Now let me tell you that I know it hurts when you reminisce. And I know you feel pain all over after these distractions that got a hold of you. Go to Shawn and tell him what you feel."What if he doesn't like the idea?"Than he " ll be the greedy one."Man.

All this is confusing me. All I can do is think. Can I talk to you tomorrow?"Yes, you know as well as I do that you can always turn to me."Thanks, Mrs. Dean." Laughing about the issue, Case stands up and shakes Mrs.

Deans hands good bye walking his way to Shawn's car ready to go to the apartment. Case waits for a while in his car and before he can start the car, Mrs. Dean double parks by him and gives him a beaded necklace. Case said, "Hold up, what's the -- "Its a necklace that stands for power and respect. You " ll know," said Mrs. Deans, driving off down the road.

Driving home with questions filling up his mind, Case realizes he made the necklace himself back in the 4 th grade for his Dad. While he look's up to the full moon, Case looks at the necklace he once made for his father. "Know wonder I didn't remembered this." said Case driving faster. As he reached the apartment, Shawn was already sitting in front of their apartment door. Looking up, Shawn screamed furiously to Case.

"What's wrong with you huh? I'm on my way to Clyde's and already you taking credit?"I was just getting some things off my chest." Laughing sarcastically, Case explained the meaning of expressing. "Expressing. I was expressing myself." Shawn looks at Case like he had just seen a ghost at the moment. "Expressing? You could " ve came and have a drink with the boy."No."No? What do you mean no?"I don't do that no more," said Case looking down to the stained rug. Shawn just look and grabbed his alcohol and lends it out to Case. "Here." Case looks at it with a craving of drinking it, but he smacks it down.

"No!" Shawn just looks at Case the same way he did before. After a few seconds he grabs a box of cigarettes and lends it out. "I aint' playin' no more!" Case snatches the box of cigarettes and pulls one out. Putting it to his mouth he looks at Shawn.

"Spark this cuz." Shawn pulls out a lighter and tries to light it. "No, let me light it." Shawn gives him the lighter in shock, bulging his eyes. Case flicks the lighter and takes the cigarette out of his mouth and lights it. "Here, you smoke, because I don't want to feel like this later on tomorrow.

"What in gods world are you trying to say? You make this damn city feelin' like the twilight zone." said Shawn and by the end of the night, all Shawn and Case could do was laugh. The next morning came with the air pushing its way through life and Shawn and Case is out around the corner with Clyde's friends. Case explains his plans to the hustlers about working at the elementary school to and they all laugh continuously. Shawn was happy for Case, because he had never seen him so happy to do something hat can help the community. Later, every body look's in grief as a police car passes, driving towards Clyde's house.

Shawn sees a police officer arresting Clyde and 2 officers walk towards them to stop where they are until Clyde screamed out in anger. "All ya " ll are coming with me. They got the cars and the codes with ya " ll," said Clyde as police officer slaps Clyde on the head. "Man! Read me my rights you -- "Shut Up! ," Screamed the officer holding on his strapped nightstick.

When everybody found out that each of them was going with him to prison, everybody fled as Case and Shawn ran there own way until they were attacked by police officers. Their was more trouble for Case than their was for Shawn, because Case had two strikes already in the past year. Lieutenant Wilson looked at Case with a smile. "Your going to be in for a long time for being part of Clydes faction," said Lieutenant Wilson, holding on his hat. As Case was being handcuffed, Shawn released after lying to the questions a detective was asking. Another reason why Shawn was released early was because he had no record with the department nor did he have one in Clyde's faction.

"There goes my life," said Case in grief, looking straight ahead at the elementary school near by. As Case was being led to the back seat of the police car, Shawn came and took the blame for Case after thinking about Case and the lives he will touch in the future. "Mr. Police officer! I'm the one you need, not him," said Shawn looking at the eyes of the police officer. "He never was in contact with Clyde since the last time he was released from Juve y. The police officer looks slowly to Case and back fast to Shawn.

"You have the right to remain silence." said the police officer, reading Shawn's rights as another officer takes the handcuffs off of Case. Shawn stayed calm for two week's where he had saved up enough money to bail out Case and Case was scheduled for an interview that the next day, because Shawn scheduled it. Shawn's lips would curve upward every time Case would explain how he would teach as if he was going to preach, or how he said he was going to talk as if he walked. That very night, Shawn had a dream about a never ending block. In it, he found his father flowing down in a stream of liquor and his mom abandoning him, leaving him to his childhood friends he soon broke the law with. Laughing with his friends, he can see each of them disappear before his eye's except for Case.

Reaching out, Case turns around to little kids and soon Shawn keeps walking down the road with no one to look to and this is when Shawn opens his blurry eyes to his life. Getting off his bed, he sees Case go into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Shawn joins him picking up his toothbrush. "What's up Case.

I had this spooky dream. Every thing was wack and it all felt like I was getting low with the 211," said Shawn laughing with Case. "I mean it took me back where every body was leaving me." Case stops brushing his teeth and looks at Shawn brushing his teeth. "What do you mean?" asked Case "I'm talkin' about this interview you getting ready for. We still goin' to be boys right?"Of course, just come around the corner." Case looks and ages of the idea continuously to Shawn. "The idea of that is crazy." said Case as Shawn argues back.

Reaching to his back, Shawn pulls out a gun and points it to Case. "Now you callin' me crazy?" Case looks at Shawn smoothly. "Because I am crazy. My whole life is crazy. If you want to trip about that -- "I'm not tripping on you! I'm saying -- "No!" Case continues to argue.

"No! No! You shut your ass up!" Case stops talking. "I'm crazy. You crazy. This is crazy right?" Without moving an inch of his body for a second, Case screams back. "What are you going to do with that? Your not goin' to -- "How do you know that? You might be a different person after today.

Hell you already a different person. Movin' out your mammas house tryin' to make ends meat. Being independent." Shawn pauses for a minute and the all they can hear is the noise that the neighbors are making. Shawn looks at Case's face and could see that he still had the tattoo he himself tatted a few years back.

"You still got them tattoo tears huh?" Case feels his tattoo, then looking back at Case not saying a word. Being dared to un click the safety, Shawn does so and Case looks directly into Shawn's eye's. As Shawn looks away, he pulls the trigger in shock and couldn't understand what he had done. "Case!" Still looking at Shawn's eyes, Case falls to his knees and looks at the gun and then to himself. "How you goin' to shoot and not hit me?" said Case laughing with Shawn. Knowing that he wasn't shot, Case touches Shawn's tattoo tears above his cheeks.

"God knows why you can't cry now huh? Every things going to be cool, just play it cool and we " ll both endure in this game," said Case, tapping Shawn's shoulder to let him know every thing will be all right. Almost late, Case reaches his interview on time and came out. Shawn whispers to himself. "What in the world am I getting myself into. No. I- I hope this boy gets his job.

Hell he's being interviewed by Mrs. Deans." A half an hour later smiling, Case pulls out 40 dollars from his pocket and speaks of celebration to Shawn, knowing that he's gonna have the job. "How did you get it?" asked Shawn. "Since Ms. Deans is the principle, she cut me some slacks on my records." said Case. "I'm gonna come on Saturday, so she can kind of train me.

You know." Case looks at Shawn and sees Shawn looking at him as if he was hiding something. "What's up with you though?"No, don't worry about me. You the teacher now big boy." Walking outside, Shawn stops before Case looking at a newspaper issue and show's Case that Clyde was out of jail as it says so on the front page of the article: "Bank robber released on 50, 000 bail. Sounds of a car burning rubber swerving off the corner of a street, Shawn and Case looks suspiciously in shock and sees a car speeding up. As it speeds closer, Case realized that it was was a man with a green sticker on the hood which represents Clydes faction.

Shawn and Case looks at each other than they both run behind the nearest car and ducks down, as a gun fire at the men speeding to the next block. Case caught a bullet to the head and Shawn was shot on the arm. Shawn notices the blood flowing out the body fast, so he pulled our his cell phone and calls the hospital in fear. All Shawn could do was look at Case.

"Listen my man, I got the Am bolan comin' to get you. Don't worry, you gon' get it right up in there." Mrs. Deans runs out and is in shock when she sees Case decapitated. "Is he okay? I mean will he be be all right," said Mrs.

Deans, taking off her glasses to wipe the tears from it. "I don't know, I could just hope" replied Shawn "Well. What happened?"We " ve been hit by a drive by," said Shawn as he grips tight on his wound. Mrs. Dean sees the wound is in shock.

"Are you going to be okay?"Yeah, its just a scratch." Mrs. Deans looks at Shawn and looks at him worried. The ambulance came with police cars following. Shawn can't bare to stop looking at Case on the ground. As Case is carried to the ambulance, Shawn looks past the body and was going to go with Case into the Ambulance but was stopped. "I'm sorry, but we need to ask -- "Can I go with my boy first? I mean damn! ." Shawn looks quickly at the paramedics closing the ambulance door with Case lying in it.

"Look! They gonna leave!" As one police officer questioned another at the side of the ambulance told Shawn, "We need to know if -- "Look!" Shawn showed his hand covering the bullet wound. "I have to go!"Fine, well be over there -- " The police officer stopped explaining as Shawn chased the ambulance driving off. Soon enough, Shawn answered the questions he was asked by the police department after he was treated for two days at the community hospital, but Case has been in a coma until he had regained conscience on the 5 th day. Doctors check in with Case every no and then, but so far Case didn't need help, because with Shawn by his side ever since the tragedy, he felt like he can survive talking to Shawn, wishing they could get out. Doctor Phillips, Cases Doctor, told Shawn "I know so, that Case can survive this."I know so too," said Shawn looking at Doctor Phillips smile back as he walks out the room. Shawn looks back at Case.

"You are going to be just okay to go." said Shawn. Case looks up at the ceiling. Gripping his a pillow near by with his fist he looks harder at the ceiling, like he was in a staring contest. His veins were sticking out and his lips were held tight together. "Don't worry man, I'll get them back!" Case didn't say anything but calmed down.

As he looks out the window, he can remember himself teaching his young cousin cursing him out as the wind blows harder on him. "Do you want the window closed?"No. I'm cool" Case looks back at Shawn then back out the window, where he can he kids laughing. Smiling, he looked back at Shawn. Shawn smiles and laughs. "Why you looking at me like that?"I aint' gay," said Case laughing with Shawn.

"But I could just wonder."What?"I saw that green bumper sticker on that hit mans car. You know, the same sticker you have on your bumper."Oh. Man, that probably was one of Clydes men."How do you figure that?"Because Clyde always told me to represent the click. I never knew that you didn't know what that sticker stand for."I thought the dealership applied it to you or something." said Case as Shawn looks at him in an disturbing way.

"Now you know that you don't know nothing about no dealership. And you damn well don't know much about the car, because I repainted it and a changed the plate after I did," laughed Shawn to Case. "Yeah, I know," responded Case, laughing with Shawn. "For a minute that day I thought I was -- "No you didn't. I made sure you didn't -- "But face it I -- "No you was on that -- "Man stop it," laughed Case, shaking Shawn's hand as Shawn laughed with him.

A week has passed so far and Shawn has been stabbed in the arm in an attempt to be murdered by Clyde's men in nights where he would leave the hospital for food. The next night, Case and Shawn was good to leave, so the first thing Case did was that he called the School if he was still good to work there. He dialed the number to the main office and to his surprise, Mrs. Deans picked up.

"Hello?" said Mrs. Deans "Hey Mrs. Deans. Its me Case."Oh my god. Your Okay," said Mrs. Deans in shock.

"Yeah. I'm in the flesh. I wanna know if I can still -- "I'm afraid you have been in the hospital too long and I don't know -- "Please! I got your flowers and balloons that made me get better and now I am. I promise you that I won't be apart of any criminal acts and crimes because I left that behind me already.

I'm in for change"I don't know. You can influence kids or even get them hurt in any situation." Case looks at Shawn confused and talks back into the telephone. "I'll talk to you later than."But What I mean is -- " Mrs. Deans stops talkin' as she hears the phone connection between her and Case cut off. The next morning, the sun was beginning to rise and Case had already told Shawn he would go to the store that morning to meet up with the boys, so Shawn wasn't surprised when he woke up to find himself alone at home that morning. After brushing his teeth, Shawn grabbed a soda from the refrigerator and sit himself down to drink and thought about what to do about himself.

In the first time since he started with Clyde's business, Reaching inside his pocket, he found that he didn't have any money. With sweat pouring from his face, he realizes that the only way he had money was through crime. With out saying a word, he looked out the window to find a group of kids walking from school. It was Nine o'clock, so Shawn knew they were skipping class.

All Shawn could do was whisper to himself. "What am I supposed to do? No job. Hell, I aint' even got a 9 to 5." Someone knocks on the door and Shawn gets up to answer it. Without checking who the person was, Shawn opens the door to find no one knocking on it. Suddenly, Shawn has the urge to slam the door. Quickly, Shawn runs into the room to grab his gun and crawls back into the living room fast as the U.

S. Army. Looking into the kitchen to see if anyone was coming from the back door, Shawn crawls to the kitchen until the front door exploded. "Damn pipes," whispers Shawn behind the living room in the kitchen. Shawn could here someone come, so he makes his way for the back door until he is caught by a man. A few hours later, Case comes in surprise when he sees the front of the room destroyed.

"What in the world? Hey yo Shawn! You here?" with no luck of finding Shawn anywhere, Case runs outside to drive his car to Amstreet Blvd. On his way over there, he can find that not that many cars were parked around the street. "Clyde better watch his ass." Parking a block away, Case walks out of his car and walks suspiciously to Clyde's house. Since now he was closer to his drive way, Case ducked down behind the cars that were parked. Crawling, knowing theirs someone watching out the window, Case goes and hops the fence to his backyard without the man looking out the window to catch him. Walking like a smooth criminal he knew that he knew the house well.

Case soon finds the bathroom window and he can think back where he always had to climb through the window if Clyde was sleeping. But in the living room, Shawn was sitting on the couch with 5 men guarding him from the back and he was talking to Clyde. "Shawn will be here right?" said Clyde "I know he's going to come for me." replied Shawn. With no one saying anything, 2 of the five men raises a cigarette to Shawn's cheek and each of the two men stung the tattoo that was on his cheek. Mean while, Case picked up his gun from his sock and looked through a hole where he can see three out of the five men in the hall way.

"Hey Jon, can you see Case anywhere yet?" asked Clyde "No," said Jon as he looks out the window. Case knew Jon was in front of the door. As a minute passes, the 2 men guarding continue to sting Shawn's face once more on the same area. "Hey Joe, I need to go take a leak. Won't you come and take this state," said Jon as he gets up to go to the bathroom. As Joe passes the bathroom door, Case could see that Jon was coming, so Case went to go hide in the shower.

As Jon closes the door and walks in the bathroom with out looking, he turns on the sink to clean his face and Case walks out the shower. With Jon's face down, Case walked out and as Jon's face came up, his mouth and nose was covered by a cloth of alcohol and Jon past out. Case turned off the sink and grabs Jon's gun. As the hot water was still running, Case looked through the hole. "Jon has been in the bathroom for days. Go check on Jon, Okay Joe," said Clyde and as Joe walked over inside of the bathroom, he was unarmed, with his gun behind him.

As he entered the bathroom, Case had already had his hands over his face with the clothe of alcohol. Clyde and the other men couldn't hear the man choking because the water running. Case could see three men securing the hallway. Case picks up his gun and fire's at the three men in the head.

"What's up Clyde!" screamed Case and he raised a gun on to Clyde's head and fired. Without looking at Clyde, Shawn ran with Case out the front door. Gun shots were firing their way, and Shawn and Case ran to the next block to find their car. "I thought you were goin' to bail on me," laughed Shawn "No though, you know I'll be there. That's messed up though," said Case with a smile turning the steering wheel to the left. "What?"Your not a criminal no more."And how do you figure that?"You can cry now." Case points at the bloody patches of scars on Shawn's face, where the tattoo tears Case once tatted, was lying at.

"Yeah. You still aint' right," said Shawn laughing until he holds the cigarette scars on his face. "Damn though. Don't laugh. You can -- "Go to the hospital to check on this." After the going to the hospital, Shawn and Case checked out and Shawn now had a big patch on his cheek.

"You look like Tyson after he got his tattoo," laughed Case "Man shut up. What time is it?"Its around 5: 30," replied Case still laughing at Shawn. "Are you serious?" Knowing that it was still early, Shawn decided to go to Jack In The Box, than go to the park and eat over there. Sitting in the park questioning each other as the kid's in the playground play, Shawn talked with his mouth full of fries to Case.

"Hey Case," said Shawn "What?" Case replied holding his burger, with a starving look on his face. "We here baby. Now you can do that teaching thing" Case smiles ready to respond, until he looks past the monkey bars to find his little cousin Curtis sitting at the end of the slide. "Aint you gonna eat that?"Quit playin'," said Case. Shawn looked confused and was about to question. "Look over at the slide." Shawn looks in shock.

"Now is that Curtis's young ass or am I trippin' off these burger's?"No. You right. That's him." As Case and Shawn looks, Curtis looks around and finds Case staring at him. "He Cuz!" screamed Curtis, walking his way to Shawn and Case.

"What's up, I haven't seen ya " ll in a while." Curtis lends out his hand for a handshake pound, until Case looks down at him. "What?"What you doing here? You know your mamma is worried sick about your 11 year old wannabe a g doin shit ASS!" screamed Case "Why you trippin' for?" Said Curtis, looking at Case as if he was going to fight him. "I heard you ran away from yo mamma, right?"She never raised me."Mine never even feed me."That's because ya " ll broke!" Curtis looks down. "I split because I had to. I worked -- "Yeah you hustled because you had to. Don't -- "You know, I aint' gonna disagree with you on that.

But I made a mistake. You can make that mistake right now."You know how much money I can make?" Curtis laughs and puts a smirk on his face and leaves. Case looks at Shawn and all Shawn can do was nod his head and laugh. "Look. You can't do any thing about it."Yeah." Shawn tapped Cases back to let him know every thing was going to be all right. "Man, forget that.

You got some teaching things to talk about. "And that's my teaching right there. I couldn't even outsmart this fool." said Case with his burger dropped on to the bench he was sitting on. "I can't even eat my favorite meal." Shawn looks at the meal. "Here, I'll eat it."Man, Hell naw! I don't know if I can do this anymore.

"Don't listen to that fool. He too young. He " ll learn."If he be careful with his mouth. Someone is bound to bust his upper lip to match the size of his bottom one. What do I do if I can't think of some thing to say.

You know, to inspire somebody."It " ll come. Don't worry about it. You learn as you go, so let it come."Yeah you right. Come on let's go home."Hold up, are you going to -- "Hell yeah I'm eating this," said Case, holding the bag full of two meals he ordered.

The morning after, Shawn turns on the news to find their were six men murdered on Amstreet Blvd. Shawn goes to the kitchen and laughs as he looks at the news paper to find a job. While Shawn looks for his next job, Case is already substituting for a teacher who called sick that morning. As Case gets ready for the upcoming year, he looks at each individual and talks to them as if they were his little brothers and sisters. "Hello Class!" Said Case. The Class responded back, "Hi Mr.

Freeman!" A student raises his hand and Case offers him to speak his mind. "You look like a gangster," said the boy as the rest of the class laughed. Case laughs and walks his way to the little kid with a big smile. "And why do you think that?"Because your tattoo," said the little kid as every one laughs again. Case feels his tattoo tears on his face and looks back at the student. "Oh.

This tattoo. Do you like tattoo's"Yeah"I do too. That's why I got one."Doesn't it hurt?"Yeah. That's why you have to get it when you grow up." The rest of the class stares at Mr. Freeman and Mr.

Freeman continues the day with math. Looking out the Window he saw kid's walking home so Case changed the subject and said, "Wait. Don't open your books. Look outside at those kid's. They " re skipping class." Everybody looks outside and screams. A girl raised her hand.

"Why do they do that?"Because they want to be cool. Are you guys cool?" asked Case "Yeah!" the class responded. "Than you don't have to do that." Case points at the kids. "Ya " ll understand?"Yeah," the class screams out.

Case opens up the window and yells out to the kids. "You guys better come back, before I call the principle!" The kids hurry to the school and the kids inside of the classroom screamed with Mr. Freeman.