Driving on the Golf Course A new breed of people exist on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range. Armed with a social divide to people who don't use the edict of golf. The breed of people come from rich families who insist on controlling the golf environment in Bend, Oregon. The people stand straight with attitudes like a Hollywood star who won't sign an autograph for a person because they aren't dressed appropriately for the occasion or are the type of people with a different race. Dress codes are in my mind appropriate in certain occasions.

I was armed with an arsenal of golf clubs headed for the driving range on a very nice golf course just a few miles out of Bend, Oregon. I was on the course to create an examination of my golf ball driving skills. My goal was to show up casually dressed to hit a large bucket of golf balls. The time was early in the morning and the weather was warm and sunny. I had on a tee shirt with shorts and my golf shoes. On my way to the club house I was drawn to the people who were on there way to tee off on the first hole of the course.

Everyone in the foursome of golfers had on nice clothes with nice polished shoes and of course their nice hats. I arrived in the club house in a matter of minutes and was asking the man who was looking like a Hollywood icon near his till a simple question. I asked the man for a large bucket of golf balls. The man put his nose in the air and said, "You can't hit any golf balls here." I asked him, "Why not!" He said, "There is a dress code for people who golf the course or use the driving range. I told the man I was only going to hit the driving range for a few minutes. He wouldn't comply with my remark.

He said, "Sorry you have to leave." I thought that I was in church or somewhere out of the ordinary. I could not believe that this was going to happen to me because I had on a tee shirt and shorts. My argument is that I should be able to hit the driving range with tee shirt and shorts on. I have never heard of something so crazy.

The driving range was public for use. I believe that everyone who has the option of using a public golf course should be able to wear whatever they please. The clothing dress code should only be used for private courses. I think if the stuck up man wants to control the dress code, he should start his own private course.

I feel that I was violated and that the dress code should not be enforced. There are hundreds of golf courses throughout Oregon. I have golfed on a many golf courses in Oregon. When I'm out on the course, I never see people with dress codes on other public courses. The gradual evolution of dress codes has been present at the well maintained public golf courses and should only be used on courses that are private.

I have never seen a course with the need to become a yappy dressing room. Most public courses I've golfed at just want your money. I found that more public golf courses in Oregon have taken to the dress code. I feel that if there is a dress code, the course should be private.

If golfers choose their equipment and their clothes to be a certain style on a public golf course then that person should be able to golf anywhere in the state of Oregon with the public course. While people agree that golfers should have some sort of appeal, I think we should leave that up to the private courses to control.