Are all great soccer players born with their athletic ability or do they in some ways improve over repetition of practice. Perhaps some players are bred to play in certain positions instead of others. Whatever the case may be a soccer player must possess certain qualities to play a game that is far from easy. Even though most field players may share the same qualities, out of the eleven players who form the team only the goalkeeper varies drastically from the rest. The first thing that comes to mind when comparing a goalkeeper to a field player is that one runs a lot more than the other. Any fool would be able to figure this by watching any sort of soccer match.

While the goalkeeper watches the match his fellow players are always on the move ready to pounce on any given opportunity. Ergo in respect to endurance field players are the antithesis of goalkeepers. Now the following information was in no means intended to deride goalkeepers, because to tell the truth they are for the most part in exquisite shape. They just do not have the endurance in which a field play must posses in order to succeed in his position. Now another difference that is obvious to some extent is the fact that field players are far more capable at handling a ball with their feet than a goalkeeper would be. Some may even describe a goalkeeper's ball skill to be somewhat callow as though it were equivalent to that of a novice soccer player.

The simple truth of the matter is that goalkeepers don not need to be good with their feet as long as they can hit a simple pass and clear a ball every now and again. While a field player completely depends on his adroit ball skills to defile his opponent while he leaves his fans agape in their ever-growing blandishment. The greatest difference between a goalkeeper and a field player is simply the task they are asked to perform. While a field player is asked to defend their goal and attack their opponents, a goalkeepers job is that the aegis of his team. A task that is by no means an easy one and which receives little gratitude. He is the first line of the offense and the last line of the defense.

And in most cases is the first to be censured on the denouement of a game. So while many of the players on the pitch share the same qualities that allow them to be good soccer players, field players and goalkeepers are in many respects quite different. Each has to master certain skills that allow them to fully do their job. While they also have their own tasks to accomplish and responsibilities to follow. But the one thing that is for certain is that neither one has an easier job than the other and they both have to be amazing athletes to play one of the worlds most demanding sports.