My main topic is Hockey. But I did a branch off my topic. I focused on the positions of hockey as you can read on the front. Hockey is a very fast moving game and it basically has all the sports combined. It has the hand eye coordination of baseball, the depth perception of golf, the contact of football, the foot work in soccer, and the speed of basketball. It literally is the coolest game on earth, the only one played on ice.

It is unique to certain standards, some would think it is boring and others would think it was the coolest game to watch. It consists of 12 people being on the ice at the same time going for the same thing... The net, for the goal. Hockey isn't a put on the skates and go sport, it takes many years for progression to arise. I've been playing for about 13 years and I'm not best of the bunch.

It takes so long to master all the skills required to play the game. Its incredibly physically demanding and mentally demanding and it also takes patience. Hockey is unique like I said, 12 people on the ice, 2 goalies, 6 forwards, and 4 defense men. They all go through pain and anguish just to get a round piece of rubber in a 4 by 6 goal. Hockey truly is one of the best sports around and it will be constantly played through all of time and will never be a forgotten sport. It will continue flourishing till everyone gets drawn into playing it.

Like today with football.