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Browse our collection of biography books and music online and help to maintain this site. Currently featuring biographies of photojournalist Dan Eldon; Van Gogh and Gauguin; Nazi survivor Victor Klemperer; Marcus Aurelius; Gandhi; Native American Black Elk; and Tsarina Alexandra; plus the music of Igor Stravinsky and a new live bluegrass collection from the documentary Down from the Mountain. This site only includes biographies of people who have died. If someone is living, you will not find their individual biography here. (Biographies found in any of the Collections may include people who are are living. ) Biographies are added as we find them on the Web.

Not everyone is included, of course. There are many people, famous and not famous, whose biography is not on the Web or may not be appropriate for this site. If you cannot find a certain biography, perhaps no one has ever created a biography of that person for the Web. If you are interested in professional assistance in putting someone's biography on the Web -- an historic figure, interesting ancestor, or a recently departed friend. To find the biography of a person (for example, Abraham Lincoln or Joan of Arc), look for the name alphabetically in the Individuals area. To find the biographies of groups of people (for example, U.

S. presidents or women scientists), look in one of the Collections. Professions might be art, science, politics, sports, exploration, etc. Eras might include the Roman Empire, the American Colonies, World War II, etc.

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