Back in 1988 on a cold winter day, I put on a pair of ice skates for the first time in my life. My father held my hand and took me out on the ice. Before I knew it, he had let go and I was skating on my own. That day was a life changing experience for me. Hockey became my favorite sport. I became a huge hockey fan.

I also made plans for hockey to be in my future. To this day hockey is my favorite sport. It is all because of my first experience skating. I loved the feeling of gliding quickly across the ice. It made me feel free. From that day on I wanted to be a hockey player.

A year later I was on a hockey team. I loved it more than anything. My brother was also a hockey player. He too loves hockey just as much as I do. Hockey is most definitely my favorite sport. Over the years I became a huge hockey fan.

I loved watching it, no matter what level it was. Whether it was youth, high school, college or even professional. It made no difference to me. My favorite player to watch has always been my brother. I look up to him and want to be as good as him someday. My favorite level of hockey to watch is college hockey.

I have always enjoyed watching it more than any other level of hockey. Since I was little it was the kind of hockey I envied. When I was a baby my father and I would watch college games together.