My first quarter in English was a blast. I had a great time in coach Wuest's English class. He was very funny and taught me a lot. My classmates were fun as well.

The activities I did in English class were awesome. In coach Wuest's class, I had to learn new spelling words and read a book called Animal Farm. I also learned nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and interjections. I also learned anagrams.

I had to write reports on two short stories called Man vs. Nature in "The Sea Devil" and To Build a Fire. In English class, I did alright. On my spelling quizzes, I got hundreds. I did badly on my Animal Farm test.

On my Chapter test, I got A's. On my homework, I always got hundreds. I probably have a high B average in English class. What I can do differently in English class is pay more attention to the teacher when he reads novels. I must also remember to bring my homework to school on time. I can also get higher grades on my chapter tests.

Otherwise, I am doing well in coach Wuest's class. What I did not find interesting in English class is reading novels. I did not find it interesting because we read novels in Language Arts class. I also did not find it interesting because I hate reading novels. It is very boring. I wish I don't have to read in English class ever again.

English class is really fun. One reason I like English class is because of coach Wuest. He is really funny. I also like it because of my funny and hilarious classmates. I am looking forward to the second quarter with coach Wuest..