Zero-Zero, love all was the start of every game home or away for the girls on the Mascoutah Tennis Team. The Tennis team of 2000 was very hardworking and outgoing. Camp started the week before the start of school and was very hot. Needless to say all of the girls knew their commitment and did not miss a day. Coach Hulling said, " The season went as I expected. We were a pretty young team.

Most importantly, the girls were given experience and many opportunities to play." The schools that we competed with included: Mt. Vernon, Collinsville, Belleville East and West, Edwardsville, Jersey ville, O'Fallon, Roxana, Centralia, Waterloo, Wood River, Highland, Triad, Altho ff, and Beth alto. The varsity was very successful and achieved a lot this season. A big congratulations to our varsity girls who made it to sectionals, Kali Edwards and Anne Lillard. Another congratulations to the varsity doubles that went to sectionals, Julie Merit and Alana Housman, and Brenda Hall and Melanie Sill as. They all worked very hard this season and did a lot for the team.

Angie Jordan, a Varsity doubles player, said, " The tennis season went well. Considering, it took a while for the girls to become accustomed to each other and the coach, but once we got used to each other many of our ladies had some wins. We improved greatly from the beginning of the season both individually and as a team and for the most part we had fun!" Frances Mawhorr, a varsity singles player, said, " It all went pretty good." The team's Junior varsity did pretty well this season. We all were pretty new at playing and learned a lot this season.

Not only about being the best, but how to work like a team and help each other. For most of us, not all, this year was a building and a learning time, which helped us to improve with every game. Rebecca Knowles, a JV doubles player, said, " Our hard work and perseverance paid off in the end. We all learned a lot." Rachel Wessel man, a JV doubles player, said, " The older kids helped out a lot. I had a lot of fun." Not only was tennis all about hard work, but we had a lot of fun, also.

Our coach was known by many names, which included: Mr. Tennis Coach, Mr. Hulliano, Mr. Hullihan, and Mr. Dud. One of the most important thing that I learned being on this team is that a lot more is accomplished when you work with your team mates and not against them..