My Take 4 a How in the world could we have let this happen? That is the question that runs through Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig's head before he goes to bed, when he wakes up in the morning and when he turns on the television and sees the Minnesota twins in the playoffs. It has to be the funniest thing that has ever happened in sports, at least to me it is. I've had a good laugh once or twice a day since they made the post-season only because the man that keeps Pete Rose out of the hall of fame made one of the biggest blunders anyone in sports has ever made. It all goes back to the beginning of this season. The Twins were on the chopping block fighting extinction as good ol' Bud "The dud" Selig tried everything to get them contracted before next season. This coming due to a supposed lack of "competition" among the high payroll teams and low payroll teams, but in reality it is due to the fact that Selig is the worst commissioner baseball has ever had and he had to put the blame somewhere.

He " ll never point a finger, or better yet, look at the twins with a dirty eye again. Maybe Bud should have tried to contract his own team, the Milwaukee Brewers. That's a laugh in itself that he actually owns a team, and they " re horrible! He has to be the worst owner in the country (Of course besides Mike "The Clown" Brown). Well needless to say the contraction never came about before this season but nevertheless Selig kept hinting a contraction was inevitable all season long that would probably include the Twins.

Keep dreaming Bud! You did the worst thing a guy rooting against a team can do. You gave them the biggest reason to go out and show you and the world they belong. You gave them the feeling that they had nothing to lose! They sure played like it day in and day out. I even picked up a couple of there players on my fantasy baseball team, and I couldn't tell you the last person that went out on a limb and did that.

The nearly contracted twins, I believe have fooled Bud and everyone else in the baseball world into thinking the small market clubs haven't a chance to compete with such teams as the Yankees, Red Sox or Braves all because of the ol' mighty dollar. Well I am now a true believer because of the Twins that the Reds are just a bad team instead of a team that cant compete because the big market teams are picking up all the good players, giving them a bunch of money and making the Reds live without a chance because of it. The Twins have shown all of us that a team can be a low budget team ($40. 2 million per year) and still compete with the supposed big guns of baseball including the Yankees and their $125.

9 million per year team. This subject also brings us to a good question. Is this something that we will see more of through the next few years or is this year just a fluke for the small market teams. I mean it's not only the twins that are in it to win it this year. It's the Angels also. They are a team with a mediocre payroll at $61.

7 million per year and they are battling the Twins for the American League Championship. I thought Angels in the Outfield was just a movie? I sure wish the Reds had Angels, maybe they would trade Bob Boone!