A Midsummer Night's Dream A Midsummer Night's Dream Essay, Research Paper A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare makes it apparent in A Misdummer Night's Dream that Hermia loves her father, Egeus, although they carry a seperate opinion of Lysander, the man Hermia wishes to marry. Hermia knows that Lysander is a romantic, good-natured man, which contradicts Egeus's belief that Lysander is nothing more than a villian ous man who seeks to corrupt the relationship between a father and his daughter. These seperate opinions eventually lead Hermia to choose between remaining loyal to her father and ignoring her feelings for Lysander, or going against her father's wishes by eloping with the man she loves. Hermia chooses to If I were in Hermia's position, and I had to choose between pleasing my parents by ignoring my feelings for the man I loved, or losing my parents' trust by taking charge of my own life, I would choose to disobey my parents and do what I feel is right.

Many people are worried that defying their parents will cause the relationship between them to weaken, but following all of the rules their parents set for them will only transpire to a life of unhappiness. Parents can shape the lives of their children only to a certain extent. After a child reaches a certain age, they must begin to make their own decisions and experiment with life. However, they will not journey through life unarmed.

They will carry with them the knowledge they gained through the guidance of their parents. Therefore, if I was placed in a situation similar to Hermia's I would choose to ignore my parents' wishes because nobody, not even my parents, could tell me to feel or not feel something except myself. If I truly loved a man that my parents didn't approve of, they should respect my opinion of the man, and accept the fact that there is nothing that they can do to change my decision. This would be a really hard decision to make, considering that the bond that I share with my parents would be altered. Yet, everything in life has its price, and, with all things considered, this would be a rather small price to pay for love. I pray that my parents never make me choose between them and the man I loved, but, if they were to do that, they will hopefully respect me for my courage in choosing to follow my heart.

All parents should be understanding when it comes to situations as serious as love, unfortunately life isn't simple, and there are parents, such as Egeus, who feel that their children should obey their every desire. However, if Egeus's "perfect' world were to exist, wouldn't happiness just be an illusion?