A Rose for Emily William Faulkner s short story, A Rose for Emily demonstrates that seclusion causes the inability to form relationships and people to go crazy. Emily turns psychotic after her father s death and cannot form a relationship with anyone. As a young adult, Miss Emily was very lonely. Her father would drive away all of her suitors. Because of her father doing this Emily never learned how to form a relationship with anyone.

When her father dies Emily is only thirty years old. Miss Emily shows her loneliness by trying to save her father s own body. No one in the right state of mind would keep a dead body, but that just proves how distorted a mind can be when someone does not let you interact with other parts of life. Emily did not know better then to want to keep her father around because he was all she knew. Eventually townsmen talked her into getting rid of the dead body. The people did not call her crazy They knew that with nothing left, she would have to cling to that which had robbed her (82) Meaning that the townspeople thought Miss Emily would have to come to realize that she needed to interact with other people.

With her father dead, not being able to control her they thought it was possible for her to start interacting. Little do people know is that once the mind is distorted in a certain way of thinking it can never go back to thinking normally. Miss Emily is lost in the past. She does not move forward as the townspeople thought she would. The Mayer of Miss Emily s town told her she did not have to pay taxes because he knew she could not even work or know how to do them. Colonel Sartoris invented an involved tale to the effect that Miss Emily s father had loaned money to the town which, the town, preferred this way of repaying (82) When the new Mayer came into office, he wanted Miss Emily to pay taxes.

He continuously would send her tax notices, but she refused to pay them. She did not care this was against the law. In her mind nothing was right. She didn t even want to meet new people and it is all because her father restricted her from doing anything with others.

That was not fair to Miss Emily, but Miss Emily could not see it the right way because she was brought up this way since for as along as she could remember. She insisted that the words of a dead man meant more than the new written laws. Emily dwells in the past, always a world of unreality to us of the present. (83) After awhile, Miss Emily became a discussing sight to look at. She completely stopped taking car of herself.

Once again showing the inability to do everyday life duties. She felt since there was no one in her life, she did not have any reason to look nice. A deputation described her as A small fat woman in black what would have been merely plumpness in another was obesity to her. (83) During the summer, Miss Emily met a man that the whole town wanted her to marry. Having this interaction started to make the townspeople think there was a possibility of Miss Emily becoming normal. His name was Homer Barron.

He was the exact opposite of her. He was a Yankee from the North, and she was from the South. But, despite there differences, she feels in love with him. Something that took a long time to happen because of her failure to be able to interact with people for so long. She was seen riding down the streets with him. The townspeople all talked and gossiped, as she would walk by them.

But, before they could get married Homer left town. This terrified Miss Emily. Within three days Homer Barron was back. After he came back Emily went to the drug store to buy poison. The townspeople knew something weird was going on when she would not tell the druggist why she wanted to poison. The druggist has much affection for her, to see clearly what he saw in her eyes they collectively decide that she will commit suicide (85) When someone cannot form relationships usually they will take there own life when the only people they knew and loved were gone.

There were signs of something very strange going on in Emily s house. Soon after she bought the poison, Emily s neighbors began to make complaints about her house. They said it was giving off horrible smells. They did not know how to tell Miss Emily, so they got rid of the smell themselves. They used lime to make the house smell better.

The town s people hadn t seen Homer Barron since he last went into the house. They even stopped seeing Miss Emily. Now, she was even father from reality than she was before. She was extremely lonely. When she attempts for freedom, a man who represents the new morality, threatened by disclosure and humiliation, betrays her.

From time to time the townspeople could see her through her window. The only person they saw come in and out if the house was, The Negro man with the market basket (85) After about six months Miss Emily was seem coming out of her house. Miss Emily had turned fat and her hair turned gray. She was known to be skinny at one point in her life, probably when she was happy. When people are sad they tend to just sit around and eat out of boredom. Finally, she started to interact with the community again.

For a while she was giving lessons in China painting. She would teach daughters and granddaughters of Colonel Sartoris. But, when a new generation arose, they stopped sending their children to Miss Emily for lessons. After the children stopped coming, Miss Emily never left the house. This cycle happens when a person is depressed. Being depressed is a disease.

It is not something that someone can control. We all get sad, but Miss Emily was depressed. The whole town felt pity for Miss Emily. People tend to have pity on people that they do not know how to help. When Miss Emily was seventy-four, she died. Her cousins came to the funeral.

Actually, the whole town went. The women mainly went to see the inside of her house After Miss Emily had been buried, the townspeople went into her house. They knocked open the door to a room that nobody had seemed for years. The rose from the title finally emerges in the form of the rose colored room that is both bridal chamber and tomb.

(86) Barron lay in the bed dead. He had been lying in that bed, dead, probably since the last time that he walked into Emily s house. They now knew that Miss Emily would lay next to his dead body over the years, because they saw a long strand of gray hair next to the body. She did this because of her father keeping all suitors away from her. She didn t want Homer to leave her, so she killed him.

The people that had figured out that she used the poison to kill Homer. She knew that Homer would have left her, so she killed him. That way he could never leave her, and she would be able to stay with someone who she loved. She had insecurity. She acted as if death did not exist, as though she could retain her unfaithful lover by poisoning him and holding his physical self-prisoner in a world, which had all of the appearances of reality except for that, most necessary of all things. This proved that Miss Emily s father caused her to be crazy..