Pro. PaladCompare/ Contrast Although a? A Rose For Emily? and? Eveline? are two short stories about women, the two women, Emily and Eveline, are the same when it comes to their fathers. They both love their fathers and would never neglect them. Emily? s father was a very strict man, as well as Eveline? s father. The two women seemed to live the same life, but there were a lot more differences than similarities between them.

Emily had a different way of loving her boyfriend than Eveline did. And Emily came from a different class than Emily did. Emily and Eveline both loved their fathers. And both their fathers were strict men. Emily? s father was the big shot in his town, where as Eveline? s father was the town alcoholic in his town. Emily? s father dies in the story, and she tries to keep his body because she could not accept the fact that he was dead.

Eveline? s father never died, but she could never leave him. She had the opportunity to leave and start a whole new life, but, just like Emily, she too could not accept change. When it came to men, the two women were definitely different. Emily? s lover would come and go.

He was eventually going to leave her, but Emily poisoned him so he could never leave. Eveline was different. She had a lover who took her to plays and to dinner. He romanced her as much as he could.

Eveline loved him, but because she was dedicated to her family, she did not get on the boat to Buenos Aires. She simply left him. Emily? s father was quite the man in town, which made her family quite rich. Emily never worked a day in her life, except for her painting classes. Emily was an only child, so all the attention was on her. She had a beautiful home and a servant.

Eveline was different. She lived with her father, brothers, and sister. They lived in a small, but comfortable apartment. Eveline worked everyday to help support her father? s alcoholism, and to pay for food for everyone. Her father did not work, which was not good, because there was not a lot of money.

Although Eveline and Emily lead such different lives, they are at least similar in one way. This is by the way they would never let go of their families. They were opposite though, in the way they lived their lives, and to their.