The Responsible Person The discussion about who is ultimently responsible for Finny's death could be endless. A couple of characters that could be thought of for the fault of Finny's death are Gene because it first started off by causing Finny to fall from the tree. Then another character could be anyone that caused him harm. So blaming these people would just be rediculous. The person that is responsible for Finny's death is Finny himself. Most wouldn't blame the victim.

One obvious reason is because people tend to feel sorry for the victim. But, after going over each and every character Finny's name just keeps coming up. One example is how it took Finny a long time to admit that there was a war going on. And even a longer time to admit that his friend Gene, was the one that caused him to fall out of the tree. The whole time he just thought that his friend would never do something like this. When he realized this it seemed like the life of sucked out of him.

If Finny believed Gene when he admitted that it was his fault Finny may have still be alive. Then like any other friendship they would have gotten in a fight. A fight is healthy because then most of the problems are brought up. After maybe a couple days Gene and Finny would have been talking and hanging out like normal.

It was unfortunate that Finny had to die because of all of those mistakes. But like always, innocence never last. Finny was the innocence of the story so the author felt that it was necessary to have him die. If Finny wasn't as innocent as he was he might have survived.