1. Accept what you cannot change! You cannot change the weather. You cannot 6 change the tick of the clock. You cannot change the past. You cannot change another person against his or her will. You cannot change what is right and what is wrong.

You cannot change the march toward death, on which a fatal disease takes. The human body. You cannot change the fact that a loved one has died. Get smart! Save energy! Stop the struggle! Simply accept what you cannot change! I can change no other person by direct action. But when I change my attitudes and actions, people tend to change theirs in response to my change.

Never worry about anything that is out of your power to change. About 95% of what we worry and stew about, are little things that we cannot change! Change yourself! You can change! You can change your attitude. You can change your personality. You can change bad habits to good ones.

You can change your job. You can change your marriage before it is too late. 2. Make the wonderful discovery of who you are 3. Choose and cultivate a positive attitude.

No matter what happens, the attitude choice is still yours. You are created to be the master over circumstances, not to be mastered by them!