Abandonment of Friends There s a saying, When the going gets tough, the tough get going. People run away from or abandon things in life, whether it s people or situations, for a variety of reasons. When there s too much going on, some feel a need to escape, so they go to the movies or leave town for the weekend. Others look for something to use as a replacement, either to make things easier, or because the dependence on the replacement, such as the alcohol, drugs or any other substitute that one finds comfort in. Sometimes we don t even know that we ve abandoned or shut out some person or concept until we are presented with the situation. Kids abandon their playmate because some other influence in their life deems the playmate uncool or abandon their principles to do something considered cool, such as smoking or drinking.

In The Bath, the mother and father each leave their son to take a bath because the accident the boy was in is too much to comprehend. Instead of preparing for a party, they are waiting for the boy to wake up and neither one prepared to deal with this serious event. They are scared and seem to want the bath to wash it away. In a way, they are abandoning the boy to deal with their own fears, or to abandon their fears altogether. The parents don t realize they are doing it, but they are so overwhelmed by the ordeal, that they try making the reality of the situation go away by taking a bath. They don t mean to run away from their fears; they are just trying to cope with their son s accident We abandon our friends because we want something or someone that we think is better.

We run away from our fears and our feelings because we don t know how else to deal with them. We run away from a problem and often that leads us to bigger problems in life.