Module 6 August Abortion Crystal Rodriguez Module 6 August 30, 2000 Abortion Today, 27 years since the legalization of abortion, over 30 million legal abortions have taken place in the United States. To me, this is an issue which is more than a simple question of women controlling their own lives and bodies. It is a matter of life or death for an innocent human being. In this paper, I will address many of the issues why it should be banned. I do not assume that I will change a pro-choice person's mind, though I do at least hope to make some people think, and if I change any mind, all the better. Right away, some will say that abortion is not a matter of life or death, arguing that a fetus is not a "person' or a "human being'.

I realize that it may be difficult to think of a two month old fetus as a human with rights, but everything that is living does have rights. Just because the unborn is dependent on the mother for nine months, does that give anyone the right to choose to end its life? Trying to justify abortion by arguing that the unborn does not have rights is a form of discrimination based on age and the fact that they cannot speak for themselves. Imagine being a two month old fetus. You have just been sentenced to death by your own mother, the very person who is morally responsible for your existence. You are being raped of your future due to another individual's irresponsibility and selfishness.

Abortion is just not fair. For years there have been many arguments due to the abortion issue, such as: How do we know when human life begins? Doesn't the mother have the right to control her own body? The unborn baby is not really human until it is born, right? Unborn babies are not conscious beings, are they? Isn't it better to have an aborted child than to have an abused one? Why should a rape victim be forced to bear a child she did not will to have? Isn't abortion the solution to unwanted pregnancies? Why allow an unwanted baby to be born? There are many simple, easy answers to these questions that I will address. "A woman has the right to control her own body.' A baby is not a part of its mother's body. It is an individual human being, with its own seperate body. Does a woman have the right to commit murder? There is no moral right to do a moral wrong. But if the unborn baby is human being, then the so-called right of the mother turns out to be a "right' to do a wrong: to murder.

"Isn't it better to have an aborted child than to have an abused one?' Actually, abortion is one of the worst abuses that can possibly be inflicted on another human being. The abortion process itself is horribly abusive and literally savage. One common process tears the tissue of the tiny, defenseless unborn into pieces by violent suction. These pieces are then thrown into a garbage can. Not only is the baby abused in the way it dies, it is abused in losing the privilege of life itself.

Abortion, in fact, is a form of torture; a slow, painful, inhumane process of murder. "Why should a rape victim be forced to bear a child she did not will to have?' First, there is no way to be "unraped.' Becoming "unpregnant' cannot make one "unraped.' Second, justice cannot be obtained for the rape victim by punishing the unborn baby resulting from the rape. Two wrongs do not make a right. It will not help the mother to burden her with the guilt of a murder on top of the indignity of rape. If anything, the mother should sympathize with the child. She has been raped, undergone trauma that was not consented and out of her control.

Why then, would she rape another human being of establishing a life of their own? "Isn't abortion the solution to unwanted pregnancies?' What about adoption? In my opinion, this is surely a better solution; one that does not submit to murder. It is no doubt difficult to give up one's child to a stranger, but is it any easier killing it? There are also other alternatives. Birth control, condoms, diaphragms, abstinence, … . Many couples who are unable to concieve are willing to adopt no matter what condition the child is in.

By aborting unborn fetuses, we are also responsible for the murder of perhaps the next President of the United States, the future inventor for the cure of cancer, or the upcoming general who will lead our country in the victory of the next world war. We are depriving our country of amazing, potential individuals who will maybe one day revolutionize our country, because we did not give them a chance at life; because we refused to accept the consequences of our actions. Let me close by relating the story of a young girl who learned that she was pregnant. She is engaged, but her fiance is not the father of the baby.

Her family is poor, so another mouth to feed is just going the add to the family's hardship. Her family has a good name in the community, and she does not want to drag it into the mud. An abortion would be a quick solution to her problem, but she doesn't have an abortion. Instead, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy… and names him Jesus.