Acceptance: Northern Illinois University Acceptance: Northern Illinois University Essay, Research Paper Right now I am preparing to graduate high school. I have worked very hard to earn honor roll grades, while working to save towards college. I have learned to set goals and work to meet them. I have chosen to attend a community college for two years while earning my general education credits.

I then plan to go to Northern Illinois University to complete my education and earn a degree in Accounting or an aspect of business. In five years I plan to have graduated from Northern Illinois University. I plan to earn a degree in Accounting or Business. Hopefully while attending school I will gain experience in different business occupations. When I graduate, I want to begin my career as an accountant or start a business of my own.

My ultimate goal is to find a career in a field that I enjoy doing and will continue to appreciate. I have always enjoyed math and the business classes that I have taken, and feel that this is a field that I am best suited for. If I chose to go into business I would like to start my own business or work my way up, through promotions, to a high level management position.